Within Your Garden Of Love Is The Secret To A Healthy Life

If I asked you to close your eyes for one moment and imagine a secret garden full of flowers, trees, waterfalls, herbs, orchards and vegetables. You may feel I am writing a screenplay and an imaginary vision of the beauty a garden can become. Some may say “Well I live in the City, 24 floors up”, others may say, “I have no time to look after a garden or the knowledge to do this”, but what if you could achieve this garden where ever you live, however busy your life may be.

The world has gone crazy for being healthy, fit body, perfect skin, superfoods, that bring vitality and telling their peers they are a spiritual individual living the life they truly believe will bring enlightenment. I am no different to the next person standing beside me, 10 years ago I packed up my corporate life in Fashion and became a seeker, a warrior, a woman on a quest to find meaning in my life.

I remember hearing a speaker talking about planting the seeds and watching them grow, his words “You are either a planter or a grower”. For nights I would wake up trying to figure out what he meant, all I wanted to do in that moment was to learn how to grow my own food, get close to nature and understand flowers on a deeper level. But the intention he set in those words and expression triggered an awareness inside of my that I as a woman age 33 years old who no longer recognised the person staring back in the mirror.

Who am I? I thought and what do I want to be doing in this life? Am I actually happy with my life? And who is bringing me joy in my life? In truth, each one of these questions came back with a big fat “I am deeply unhappy in my life”. This had nothing to do with my relationships, it had nothing to do with the people I was surrounded by, finally, I woke up and accepted the truth I was in the midst of an energetic breakdown of my own secret garden relating to love.

We all have a story, a start, a middle and the end, each day is a new page in our book of life and some pages are full of great triumph and joy and others are full of great pain and suffering but somewhere in the middle there will be a moment of feeling enlightened, a glimpse of the eternal light of freedom. What does freedom give you? The opportunity to be and act as an individual. Then comes feeling, what does feeling give you? A deeper understanding of empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.

The more goals you set or want to achieve in life, the harder the falls and judgment from others, who are standing by and watching you plant the seeds and grow. Forgive them for their want to be right, if that person is not watering your seed you had sewn to grow in this world then notice how withered they are and in need of nourishment.

It would not be truth if I said every person I have met in my life has given me a hug and said well-done keep going you are doing an amazing job. I am still learning of those who give false intention to your happiness when in truth they are seeking their own destiny to be one of success. As an individual that likes to give and share my training and growth, many see that as somebody who is one of change and dreams, this, however, is the healthiest place to be.

Intelligence is creativity, the ability to create a future that leads you to the secret garden, the inner knowing that you can plant any flower, any herb, any tree and at some point in your life you will get what true faith is, and what true belief really is. It is an understanding that you can find that feeling of happiness, beauty, vitality, health and love when you work out which person you are in the garden of love.

Extract from forthcoming book “Garden Of Love” by Isabella Rose