Seeking Your Dharma


Willow has always lived her life and practiced the art of righteous living, with the knowing that a cosmic guidance system governs not only the individual but also the universe. Seth was born with one arm and spent his youth surfing day in day out to overcome his fear of being accepted in the outside world. One day Willow was invited to teach a class of yoga to a group of surfers based in Manly Beach, Australia, who were in the running for winning the Australian Surf Titles.

Willow would mediate from 4am-6am on the same beach and watch the surfers ride the waves day in day out but had never expected to be part of that world as she had a fear of water. Seth was reluctant to attend the yoga class, not his bag or his thing on any level, but his coach felt if he could connect to his Dharma he would overcome his fear and win the title. Willow was petrified of the water, would never even swim in the ocean so to her she could never understand as to why anybody would want to risk their life surfing.

Both Willow and Seth are seeking their own Dharma, to listen to their own inner voice, together they have synchronised in each other’s cosmic field to truly discover their own Dharma. Will they walk down the path of joy, the path of synchronicity, the path of letting go, the path of practice, the path of being, and the path of trust. Through the cycles of nature, the energy of the universe and the centre of being, Willow and Seth exchange each others roles to overcome their inner fears and experience how one can achieve anything you wish for in this life, when you find your own Dharma, true happiness unfolds.

Author Isabella Rose
Publication Forthcoming Book & Screenplay 
©2018 Copyright Seeking Your Dharma