The Magic Power Of The Stag

The Stag is the undeniable master of the universe in which it lives, the antlers are the symbol of both the power of regeneration of this kindred animal, wearing ‘A tree on its head’, this tree represents its crown. The deer power animal symbol is gentleness, thought, and touch. With grace, beauty, balance and the ability to listen with kindness, unconditional love and a deep connection to Mother Earth.

The word Spirit Animal has entered the English dictionary through the study of Anthropology, gaining a deeper understanding of our ethnic and cultural differences, by learning how people’s beliefs, perspectives, and practices fit into our economic and social living.

More than ever we are evolving and expanding our mindset to the teaching and connection with our animals, the land and historic traditions from many Aboriginal tribes and Egyptian history. Many seekers have written that American Tribes and Celtic Tribes used to pray to the deer before hunting, with the promise to take no more than what was needed for their tribe and survival. In return they would protect the spirit of the Stag showing unconditional love and gentleness, honoring the land and the sacred meaning of this animal.

 The Stag 21st December – 17th January 

Dependant on our date of birth we are all protected by a guardian animal. Contrary to the classical astrological signs, the world of magic animals is much more subtle than the astrological data linked to each one. Each magic animal will highlight one or another’s personality and aspect of each person. In traditional totemism, an adjective, or qualifying phrase, was given to each animals’ name. This would give important information and personal characteristics of each person. If one is born in between the dates of the 21st December and the 17th January, like the Stag, you have the enviable potential to live several existences within one lifetime.

Your proverb associated with your animal spirit  “All that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”

With the ability to pick yourself up again if you suffer misfortune, with double the strength than you had before. Your interior strength desires to express itself as much on a spiritual level as in material life. When you have the admiration of those around you, you will achieve fulfillment and attract the interest to grow from strength to strength.

At times you may feel restricted in life because you love adventure, journeys, and changes. You will is for power and the utmost desire to succeed in life. Even though you love your independence, you also need others and sometimes may suffer from your own contradictions. With the need to control everything, your intolerance of rivals on your path can set you back.

However when you remind yourself of your inner ability to love, be gentle and balance your inner and outer world. Those carrying the spirit of the Stag will be surrounded by loving and caring individuals who look to you for courage, strength, compassion and unconditional love.

Author Isabella Rose

Publication Messengers Of The Great Spirit

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