Roses are beauty, the epitome of love and passion. The Rose has the purest and most positive vibration of any living thing. The Yellow rose has a calming effect on your mind, allowing you to find inner peace.

How can the Yellow Rose support my vitality and immune system (Third Chakra)

When we smell the flower, see the flower, hear the flower, feel the flower, taste the flower we are igniting all of our senses that are needed within the human body to resonate on a higher frequency of vibration allowing a sense of peace and well-being within the human body. At times we forget the importance of flowers, one single petal can heal a million tears.

The foundations that build a healthy Third Chakra (Solar Plexus)

  1. Individuality
  2. Will
  3. Self-Esteem
  4. Power
  5. Energy
  6. Activity

How do I know if my third chakra is strong?

When you have a strong, solid grounding with stability, allow your natural flow of emotions and movement to stay consistent. You are then capable of creating energy and turning this into action, which are all the qualities needed for a healthy third chakra. A rose has the healing qualities to open your heart to support any form of grief, gently comforting you and helping you open the path to find true love again with all the elements and people around you.

Flower therapy is a powerful form of support in releasing any form of healing be it physical, emotional or mental. By finding yourself amongst the flowers that Mother Nature provided us for free, you can let go and embrace the vibration of happiness, unconditional love, balance and security that a flower creates deep within.

If you have a sense of personal power, you will embrace venturing into the unknown, boosting your hope that you can and are able to create whatever you wish for in this world, be it taking a risk or making a mistake.

New challenges develop our sense of power, creates activity, therefore having a profound effect on our immune system. With self-esteem, strength, and courage we can all take on life by jumping over any obstacles that may be standing in your way, a positive and “I AM” attitude will always radiate.

The first three chakras keep us motivated, active and engaged. As we progress from the lower to the higher chakra system we become an independent individual, flowing with the world and surroundings.

How do I know if my third chakra is depleted?

Each person will have their own sense of awareness as to how they are truly feeling inside. If one’s digestive system is not working correctly, kidneys, colon, and you are constantly feeling drained and tired. This could be the energetic link to finding the true cause of these ailments, not all of these will be the symptoms of a depleted chakra, however, when a person is feeling shame, or somebody has disapproved of their individuality, we start to distrust, become fearful and retreat and hide away. Many common links to a depleted chakra are not just physical ailments. Our emotions, mental thoughts and the spiritual aspects of ourselves make up a happy, healthy and open

Many common links to a depleted chakra are not just physical ailments. Our emotions, mental thoughts and the spiritual aspects of ourselves make up a happy, healthy and open third chakra. At times we may just have lost our sense of fun, spontaneity, love of ourselves. Depression can play a huge part of a depleted third chakra, grief, illness and fear of one’s body and intimacy with another.

How can I clear my third chakra?

To truly clear and balance your third chakra you have to go back to the start and look at your support network around you. This could be your home, finances, and job. If you are able to seek out a really good alternative therapist, they may be able to bring balance to your third chakra. My personal suggestions and experience as a practitioner have seen many benefits from seeing a; dietitian, naturopath, chiropractor, reiki healer, bio-energy therapist, yoga practitioner, personal trainer or doctor.

Walking in the mountains assists with clearing the third chakra, any form of activity that moves the blocked energy through the body will release any fears or anxieties. Energetic vitality requires self-esteem, by having just a basic trust in yourself you can face the unknown with a strong will to overcome and feel alive again.

The Yellow rose brings out joy, fun, and laughter vibrating happy signals to all your cells around the body with the peace knowing your responsibilities can still be met. By connecting to the yellow rose it will open up your intuition and the want to see clearly again, balancing your thoughts and concentration, finding happiness, play and maintaining your sense of pride and dignity.

Author Isabella Rose

Publication Garden Of Love Book

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