Past Life Regression With Creative Writing

The Awakening Mind

Learn To Release All Anxiety And Fears Relating To Your Past, by Retrieving The Lost Memoirs Of The Awakening Mind!

Power starts at the beginning of a new chapter and outlook in life, deep inside all of us dwells a vast store of ancestral wisdom. We hold the spirit of those who walked before us mirroring the times of past, present, and future. If you trace your bloodline back far enough, you will find your ancestors to be native to the country they were born. All of our predecessors were indigenous living in peace and harmony with the earth and holding a deep and meaningful awareness of natural medicines, community support, mother earth along with creating and expanding the mind for development. 

By tapping into this wisdom profound healing and explorations can come forward. Each time you go deeper into the past you are relocating and reminding yourself of the power of thought that has and will always be present in your sub-conscious mind. When our sub-conscious opens to the possibilities beyond our wildest dreams, unthinkable things happen, moments arrive that are unexpected and people come forward in your life to assist you. One of the strongest vibrational frequencies you can encounter is the spirit of adventure and excitement. When we are curious or have a desire to take a risk and return to a state of child-like wonder, with such a vibration you begin to experience interesting results. You have, inside yourself, a great power that is so strong which when understood and utilised correctly will allow you to do whatever you want with your life; this power is none other than your subconscious mind.

Past-life regression is like a flower coming into bloom and responds to orders it is given, acknowledgement it is given, love and appreciation for the memory recall. Regression and meditation techniques have been used for centuries as a form of hypnosis to alleviate any psychological and physical symptoms. If you understand the correct way to control it, the subconscious will take the initiative if you tell it and direct it forward. If you want to change something in your life you must practice and know exactly the direction you are going, you must determine the specific change you wish to make, then give the order to your subconscious mind to act on it.

Often the things that affect us in our daily life have roots attached to a past life. It may relate to places, past events, parents, grandparents, childhood memories or unexplained knowing of another life way beyond our own explanation which may disappear once you acknowledge the attachment. The lineage that you draw from will come forward through patterns and habits we have picked up from mirroring the behaviour of our environment and people we interact with on a daily basis with a strong force of energy from our ancestors.

Isabella will teach you how to meditate and relax the mind to retrieve past memories, emotions, and spiritual understanding from a past-life and bring them forward to the present day in a safe and comfortable environment. Through a series of techniques and music to relax the mind you will learn self-hypnosis and suggestive questions to expand your mind. When the mind feels safe to instruct the body to release and surrender, miraculous healing occurs on many levels and extend far beyond the alleviation of symptoms. Even if you are aware or not, healing occurs on all levels; emotionally, physically and spiritually, many have used this type of therapy to unfold their own mystery of why certain things have affected them.

Each individual will go on their own past-retrieval journey and learn how to call forward their 'Avatar' - higher power or 'Spirit guide' which may be a person, animal, object or just a sense of knowing to activate all of your five senses again and unlock the potential that resides inside you for a happy and fulfilled life. We will start with the element of 'Air' on day one which represents our mental thoughts, through every breath that you take you are engaging your mind, body, and spirit to change and transform. If you live in your mind only, your ability to deal with your body and become alive in the physical world starts to topple over with excessive upper chakras, leaving your lower chakras deficient. By de-cluttering your outer life, you need to also assess and de-clutter your inner world and free your mind of old repeating patterns, removing any blockages so you can clearly see what you already have bringing wisdom, understanding, and developing your awareness – state of being.

Throughout the book you will learn to look at this moment as an opportunity, every part of you is working towards change, although it can be very chaotic or frustrating when you stepping out of your comfort zone, you will feel safe, supported and guided to end each day feeling lighter and empowered ready to move forward in life with the skills and awareness of how to use your past as a form of power instead of a weakness. You will also learn about the element of 'Water' which relates to our emotions, the element of 'Fire' which relates to our spiritual self and the element of 'Earth' to ground and understand your physical body, the energy in and around it and the potential you have to build a strong foundation and shift from a one-sided perspective to a universal eye.

You will find a series of large and small group past life regression exercises, right braining training and healing visualisations. This book has been created to balance your emotions, feel safe and supported to awaken your lost memories through a psycho-spiritual journey as you travel back through time to explore the limitless memories of the mind, body, and soul.

Isabella Rose will take you on a guided past-life meditation and discuss where her journey began over ten years ago and share with you her forthcoming book and publications The Lost Memoirs Of The Awakening Mind, sharing the stories of the many individuals Isabella has taken on a past-life for healing,  covering the Western Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac, Native American  Zodiac, Celtic Zodiac sharing the power animals that play a very important role when overcoming health challenges and moments in your life.

Would you like the opportunity to:

  • Discover extraordinary details about your past, present, and future
  • Release old fears, phobias, and pain from prior lifetimes
  • Practice powerful healing visualisations and meditations
  • Awaken the power of love and understanding to transform your life
  • Delve deeper to understand about your soul mates and soul companions
  • Discover new techniques and tools for developing your intuition and psychic abilities

Join Isabella Rose as she opens the doors to the discover the realm of past-life regression, safely guiding participants through the process in small loving steps!

About the trainer:

Isabella Rose is a qualified trainer and teacher within several forms of alternative therapy; a leading authority on therapeutic issues, emotional and physical study of the integration of the chakra system within equine therapy. As a qualified trainer within past-life regression, having trained with the renowned Brian Weiss and Dennis Linn, Isabella now specialises in assisting many in restoring their energy field through past-life healing and creative writing. Working and attending to individuals needs, Isabella has over ten years working in holistic practices worldwide, non-profit organisations, and equine healing centres. She is the Author of the forthcoming books 'Messengers Of The Great Spirit' oracle cards and 'The lost memoirs of the awakening mind'.