Creative Writing For Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that no doctor or scientist can truly understand the cause behind the loss of memory or loss of empathy and feeling to another human being. It feels like that person is no longer with you, however, they are still there but vibrating on a different frequency. It is reported that the human brain is the most complex portion of the nervous system; it is the storehouse of memory, emotion, and reason. Our thoughts are so important, what we think we create even on a sub-conscious level most of the time our thoughts don’t belong to us.

Yet it is a mystery to many neurologists as to how the human brain works. From birth, we have the incredible capacity to retain information over decades. Through the amazing cell structure, every minute, every week our experiences are stored either as pictures or words to be recalled instantly, or to be locked away for good.

What support is available?

The first recorded person to be living with dementia was in the early 1920’s, once used to be a condition that nobody cared to talk about, the silent illness. It is wonderful to know that now there is a strong awareness and respect for those living with Alzheimer’s and TV shows are making great headway with bringing this attention to their audience. Scientists are finding new medications and early detection of the depletion in one’s mind and behaviour. It is not just the elderly that suffer with Alzheimer’s many young child, and adults are being diagnosed ever day.

Not everybody is in the fortunate position to have the finances to get one on one care, or pay extras for workshops or respite centres, so it is so important to know there are many charities, groups, and therapist that give free healing therapy sessions or discounted, there are many equine centres and therapist who are now qualified to assist and help the individual and family to communicate in a different way.

If you are living with somebody who has Alzheimer’s or a family member/friend and you need help, please speak to the Alzheimer’s association, they are all around the world and are trained to give you guidance on what the stages are. Your Doctor will also have a support network available to them, and find the courage not to accept a “No, we can’t help you”, ask the question ” If you are unable to help me, please can you send me in the right direction of somebody who can.”

Other resources of support

The Samaritans, Salvation Army, Churches, Spiritual centres, Non-Profit Organisations all have a support network, even if you just need to talk to somebody who cares and understands what you are going through. You are not alone and you do not have to walk this path on your own.

Although the brain cells may deteriorate in memory, the heart is always present and open, so you can attend yoga classes, meditation classes, listen to music, gardening, walking, art, writing, animals, and nature. All of these areas activate the creative side of the brain, which connects straight to the heart; therefore, a calming, peaceful, and relaxed feeling will leave you both feeling happy.

People’s lives have changed dramatically over the last decade and this is reflected in the changes through which spiritual healing has been going. Now Energy Healing and other modalities are recognised as a powerful complementary therapy and no longer a last resort. Just remember not to force somebody to do something that if they were 100% aware they had no interest, as this will create agitation for that individual. Sit down and write a list of all the things that person loved, or had planned to do in their life and seek out the right place to go.

It only takes 3 seconds for anybody to decide if they like somebody or not, the heart knows straight away and usually, the brain dismisses this and we just carry on. But an individual with Alzheimer’s has lost that connection to dismiss this so they will be acting directly on the feeling they get in their heart; Listen, watch, feel and trust they are right. By doing this the road ahead will be loving and encouraging, as everybody will feel safe.

Creative writing workshops

Creative writing is a form of therapy that helps an individual to express their innermost thoughts without any restrictions. There are many ways to express and heal those thoughts that are lost deep inside the mind. By writing a journal every day expressing your dreams, desires and finding the time to let go of any feelings that come up in that moment. Will release negative thought patterns, blockages within our energy system making way for new and uplifting cells to create happy moments and thoughts.

Even if you take the workshop as a carer this will help you adapt to change and express how you feel. Having a process journal supports the mental side of the brain that activates the cells to manage our everyday living routines and process academic and learning cells. It is equally as important to hold a journal for completing your tasks in an organised and stress-free way allowing you to feel you have achieved many things throughout the day.

The most important thing is to find a workshop and therapist that aligns not only with your needs, but your spirituality too.

I Still Know You Book And Training Journal

You will learn 

  • How to build your foundation again.
  • Exercises and music to relax and unwind.
  • Foods that support the immune system and help maintain healthy brain function.
  • Essential oils that support the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Flowers, herbs, and nature – understanding what flowers lift you, heal you and help you overcome challenges.
  • How to care for your individual’s personal hygiene.
  • Sleep patterns and aggression prevention techniques.
  • Creating a family album and images to feel safe.
  • Animal healing techniques.
  • How to deal with grief and loss workbook.

It takes courage to ask for help, take control of your own future and make it one that is supported and nurtured by kind loving people.

Author Isabella Rose

Publication: I Still Know You Book

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