Creative Writing

Creative writing is a form of therapy that helps an individual to express their innermost thoughts without any restrictions. There are many ways to express and heal those thoughts that are lost deep inside the mind. By writing a journal every day expressing your dreams, desires and finding the time to let go of any feelings that come up in that moment. This will release negative thought patterns, blockages within our energy system making way for new and uplifting cells to create happy moments and thoughts.

Every time we step into the unknown, fear will always come into it. A positive affirmation sends the right signals to the mind, body, and soul helping you face any situation even under the most fearful outcomes. Affirmations are started in a positive way, if you start every day by affirming positive words, this will send the signal to your mind, body, and spirit that you are open to creating happiness in your everyday life. If you are constantly surrounded by people saying negative words, on a sub-conscious level your mind begins to believe it and that you feel and act " not good enough ".

A person who tells himself or herself most people can't be trusted will find themselves surrounded by untrustworthy people. However, a person who thinks that the world is filled with love, often finds love pouring into their life. Having a process journal supports the mental side of the brain that activates the cells to manage our everyday living routines and process academic and learning cells. It is equally as important to hold a journal for completing your tasks in an organised and stress-free way allowing you to feel you have achieved many things throughout the day.

The creative writer's workshop will open your thought process of how to create a strong and powerful piece of writing to share with others or for just your own healing. If you have ever wished to have your articles published, books, music, or screenplays or any form of writing, the Creative Writer's Workshop will engage your passion and ignite your script.

Course Highlights:

  • How to build a strong foundation within your own mind
  • Create a happy environment to write
  • Build a basic platform to send out your powerful messages on social media platforms
  • Starting your own blog
  • Communicate within your work environment and day to day living
  • Exercises to quieten the mind to write and inspire
  • Freelance writing and where to promote your services
  • Self-publishing V traditional publishing
  • Journaling and expressing your emotions
  • Releasing sub-conscious thoughts & patterns
  • Mental awareness techniques and positive mindset coaching
  • Reflective writing, assignment preparation for study

Within the workshop, you will be given a full writing starter kit, which includes a step by step breakdown on how to write and express your creativity, becoming a freelance writer, published author, and creative writing for coaching and healing. We allow you to choose the area that suits your needs and focus the course with the right training package that will enhance your future. If you feel just having the tools to express your inner thoughts would help, this workshop covers various techniques about letting go and building a strong foundation for a  successful life.

Take time today to sit in a quiet place and affirm all the wonderful qualities that you possess, affirm all the amazing powerful things that you have created in your life. You are a powerful being of light that is needed in this world; never forget that your love for another will bring a universal flow of loving energy.

Author -  Isabella Rose