Crystals Are Eternal In Nature

Crystals are minerals that over millions of years have crystallized through a combination of pressure and extremely high temperatures. You are able to find crystals in many parts of the world; either on the earth's surface or buried deep within the earth. In ancient Greek mythology, crystals were made from magical water which had been frozen for the deities or god. The word "crystal" is an abbreviation of the Greek word "Krustallos", you will find specific crystals and minerals in certain parts of the world dependent on the oceans and formation of the rocks and natural habitat.

How can I use crystals to cleanse my body and home? It has been verified and a long belief that crystals are able to store information, they have the capability to be programmed for certain specific purposes. Quartz is used in computers, watches and other electrical products for that very purpose. There are many new forms of therapy and programs being developed that use crystals, gold, and Himalayan salts to relieve symptoms such as cancers, arthritis, memory loss, trauma and balancing the body after radiotherapy. Crystals amplify your frequency and will match your own or counteract and balance the vibration within the body, nature, animals, equipment, and buildings.

Crystals are living energies just like us, they are receivers and transmitters of the energy and life force within them. I personally have been working with crystals for over twenty years within my personal life and also my teaching and practice. It is my personal belief and experience that crystals truly resonate a very powerful, special, and magical quality. Many cultures throughout recorded history have valued their healing powers and believe they possess magical and spiritual healing benefits. 

What therapy is available with crystals?

Over the last ten years, I have case studied individuals who have come into my practice for therapy wanting to understand crystals and the healing benefits they give whilst combining them with various forms of alternative therapy. At certain times throughout the day, our bodies will attract a certain vibration so it is important that the individual chooses a crystal or (crystals) that draw their attention. 

It is not my role to determine if the individual is noticing a change within their body, it can be the most subtle switch that is a combination of the therapy, crystal, and most important the individual's mindset and openness to release whatever it is they are holding onto. Some people will find it overpowering if certain crystals are placed on their body or they are sat in a room full of crystals. It can cause a client to feel nauseous, intense headaches, and even the want to pass out. 

As a therapist, I have been trained to place certain crystals where the neurological system will receive and recognise the tiny electrical pulses a crystal will produce and give out. My intention is to assist the individual to feel balanced emotionally, mentally and physically.

How will I feel if I use crystals for healing?

If you imagine volts of intense energy just like the power that surges our electrical equipment running through your body at one time, a crystal or a room filled with different types of crystals that have been attuned to resonate on certain frequencies, are charged to release and balance your whole body. Those crystals can cause a sudden shift in your own vibration, therefore it is the utmost importance that you tell any therapist how you are feeling. 

It also makes a difference as to the individual that is giving the therapy session, if they are not using them from a pure intent, without realising it they could cause an energetic displacement within your energy centres. The hope is your therapist has experience and uses the crystals to assist natural healing within your body and leaves you in a place of relaxation and balance.

Prior to purchasing a crystal, it is helpful to do your research and read about each crystal from a qualified source. There are many health benefits to owning your own crystal, having crystals placed around your home, workspace, and garden. There are methods of cleansing your crystal, attuning your crystal to a certain frequency and spectrum, along with where you place your crystal to counteract any electrical lines under your home.

As science and technology are advancing sadly our minerals are depleting. This shift in the earth crust is affecting the quality and purity of the crystals that are being sold. Many industries are using crystals, minerals, and gold to advance modern science and the medical world. On one side this is wonderful that we are using a more natural form to assist with cancer treatment, but one can never adequately express, the multidimensional and eternal nature of crystals. Please take your time in finding the right crystal for you, listen to your own intuition and how it makes you feel and although it may be more expensive to purchase a good quality crystal that is natural, the long-term benefits are priceless.

 By Isabella Rose

All information provided is classed as Alternative therapy, if you feel you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned, please seek medical advice from a qualified Doctor or Practitioner.