Introduction To Bio-Energy Equine Coaching®

Discover how you can use Bio-Energy Equine Therapy to treat various ailments, alleviate stress, balance your emotions, and connect spirituality with your horse.

Bio-Energy Equine Coaching® is a powerful form of healing that allows the mind, body, and spirit to connect again and feel the powerful spirit of the horse within. Power is a form of energy, by sharing power it enables others to develop and open up their own strengths.

Energy is a vibration of electrical activity. It is a natural force that flows through all humans, animals and plant life and 98% of what appears to be solid mass is actually empty space. But scientists can show us that what we think of as empty space is actually made up of tiny molecules and atoms that our human eyes cannot see. These molecules and atoms vibrate and radiate a natural energy. Thus this empty space is actually brimming with intelligent natural energy and when this relates to the human body we call it Bio-Energy. How energy moves around the body – These molecules and atoms vibrate and radiate a natural energy. Thus this empty space is actually brimming with intelligent natural energy and when this relates to the human Your Aura is a fusion of two forms of energy. The first of these is Cosmic Energy which flows downwards from the Cosmos ( ie. space, stars, planets, sun, moon…) and the second is Earth Energy which flows upwards from our own planet. These two flows of energy meet around our heart area and together they form our life-force energy – we call it Bio-Energy.

Over the years it has become clear that sometimes modern medicine cannot provide all the answers to our diverse and sometimes deep-seated ailments. In fact, modern science is only just beginning to catch up with ancient knowledge and even the world health organisation in the 1970’s agreed that the human energy field does exist. These ancient cultures understood that everything in the physical world, including the bodies we inhabit, was a manifestation of energy moving in ordered and precise patterns. We in the West are only starting to understand this information.

We are pleased to offer you this new introductory course for Bio-Energy Equine Coaching® as the opening doors to becoming a certified practitioner or to learn the basic skills and training of energy, it’s source and the energy within and around a horse.

Course Highlights

  • An hour video and downloadable PDF handouts learning effective energy therapy techniques to assist yourself, your horse, your friends, and families.
  • Learn the 12 steps of clearing your auric field, the auric field of your horse, learn the 7 major chakras to master your own healing ability and clearing your energy to allow wellness back again.
  • Understanding life force energy, how to use the elements of the earth (i.e Sun, Cosmos, Earth, Water, Fire, Air) to energise you, your horse and lift your moods, release pain, clear your mental thoughts and bring your body back into balance.
  • Learn how to assist your body and embrace its own direction of self-healing.
  • Understand how energy moves through the universe, all living things, and how it effects us on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level.
  • Release stress, tension, and support your body with meditation/breathing techniques to boost your energy.
  • Clearing your horse’s energy field, supporting various ailments they may have and balancing each energy centre.
  • Supporting your horse to overcome any fears, release patterns, maintain a steady pace whilst in an arena, event, or out on a riding trail.
  • Reconising a blockage in your horse, removing the blockage, assisting your horse to wellness.
  • Finding a deeper and more spiritual connection with your horse.
  • Connecting music therapy with your horse.

The nature of this Introductory course is for the horse lover to fully connect and establish communication with a horse on an energetic and spiritual level. You will receive in-depth training and techniques on both Bio-Energy Therapy as it applies to the horse and rider, allowing you to understand and learn about the theory behind energy. In this course you will learn about Bio-Energy Therapy and the calming, intuitive, and therapeutic effects of horses. You will delve into the science behind energy, how when used with knowledge this structured course will give you a new profound way of healing your own body and your horses, as you start to use it every day you will become aware of the power behind energy.

If you are new to Bio-Energy Therapy or previously trained, there is no prerequisite, all students will learn the 12 techniques and theory, practical and spiritual aspects to become a certified Bio-Energy Equine Coach®. If you are an advanced rider, teacher, or just wanting to understand horses on a deeper level. The Bio-Energy Equine introductory course has been tailored to give you the basic tools to develop further should you wish to become a qualified therapist and teach others.

Horses symbolise the wind, devotion, unconditional love, loyalty, friendship, and compassion. A warrior spirit giving safety in your metaphysical and physical journey in this life. Surrounding yourself with horses awakens your inner power and bravery to get through anything in life. A horse will assist you in regaining independence, strength, spirit and teach you to ride in new directions to discover your own freedom and power. There are many forms of therapy to support the mental, physical, and emotional stability within your body, a qualified Bio-Energy Equine Coach® has the ability to assist you back to a good state of health along with confidence again in finding who you are.

Led by qualified equine therapist/trainer and horse lover Isabella, this course is an informative, inspirational and enlightening introduction to equine therapy. All our online courses are fully certified where you will receive your own pdf manual, meditation techniques, and certification of attendance. For further details on our next training courses in 2020, please contact us at

The Trainer

Isabella Rose is a qualified trainer and teacher within several forms of alternative therapy; a leading authority on therapeutic issues, emotional and physical study of the integration of the chakra system within equine therapy. Isabella studied and qualified as a Bio-Energy Therapist with the Bio-Energy School of Ireland in 2009, and continued to take the Advanced Bio-Energy certification; focusing her case studies within Equine. Now developing her own Bio-Energy Equine Coaching® program and having taught around the world her own form of certified coaching written and practiced within Equine Centres, Equine for Disabilities and Dementia, Animal Sanctuaries and International Eventing Yards.