Developing Your Screenplay Into A Financial Income

We all have a story inside our mind, choose which one you wish to share with the world. No matter what is happening in your life, you have the given choice to write the script from a place of joy or write the script from a place of sadness. Either way is the opening pathway for a new vision, concept, and meaning to enter into your life. When one takes their written word and watches it become alive on screen, only then have you experienced the act of manifestation from thought to reality.

It takes dedication, discipline, manifestation, belief, and faith when you start to put pen to paper. The most frequent question many individuals ask is where do I start? my advice to anybody wishing to become a screenwriter is to learn the process and training required to write the script first.  Research the story that you have created and ask yourself the following questions. Where is the location and country I am writing the script for? What year are you basing this storyline on? And who are your main characters that will tell your story for you? Like anything in life, there is a process to the creation of a film, the screenwriter plays a crucial part as without the script nothing happens and no film can be made. Without the storyline and visual thread to the script, your production team will be in the dark, as you are the first captain to start directing the ship.

There are many emotions you will have to overcome when your script is ready to sell, firstly acknowledge your courage that you successfully completed your script. Secondly, find a way to emotionally detach once you have a completed manuscript that is ready to be sold for production, understand that the original script will be amended and changed over time. When you are ready to sell your script and recoup your time and expenses occurred whilst writing this, make sure you find a recognised agent with a good reputation, to pitch to a studio on your behalf.

Before you start to put your script out to the world, make sure you have put a copyright your script and put any trademarks in place if you are selling merchandise or creating a stronger package for publishers and studios to buy, adding value to your script with additions such as books, clothing, accessories etc gives your script a higher chance of being sold. Register your title and anything associated with it that could be deemed later on down the line as intellectual property, invest in a good entertainment lawyer in your country of origin who can act on your behalf with the knowledge of the process and protection for you as an individual. Always be aware the moment you send your script out to the public, somebody else will take your story and make it their own, this is something you can not change, so preparation in the early stages, intellectual property rights in place from the start, will give you a strong platform to become a full time, recognised screenwriter.

There are several ways you can complete this, either finding a recognised agent with a good reputation to pitch to a studio on your behalf, or private investors looking for new and original scripts for production, even if you decide to make the film yourself, by putting in place protection for you as the writer, will make your script a higher value commodity if the correct paperwork is in place.

How can we help you become a scriptwriter or to hire our own in-house writers?

Our team of writers from around the world takes the time to research the story, develop the narrative, write the screenplay and deliver it to you in the required format and visual look and feel of the story. Whether you would like to commission a screenwriter to create a screenplay from a true story, concept, literary work or existing screen work such as a play, novel, short story or comic book.

Our talented and inspirational select team of creative writers have experience in the emotional impact of the screenplay, creative direction and years of experience in completing the finished film. Allow us to work alongside you and write a script on assignment with your production company or producer.

We welcome exclusive opportunities for our screenwriters, along with “open” assignments. If your work is already existing and needing to be tailored, our talented writers can complete each assignment in the timeframe you require. Alternatively, we openly offer original work from our archive concept library, or editing and format setting if you have your own written script.If you have a story to share… be it a book, biography, or just a vision, then we would love to stand beside you and deliver your screenplay.

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