How Our Emotions React To A Film Score

Dramatic events, dialogue, sound effects and intricate moments of suspense; sync alongside our own inner emotions and reactions to a film. The original music written for a film referred to as a “Film Score” has been composed to encompass a varied and expanded variety of various music genres. With today’s digital technology and audio sampling, a Director or Producer can take our emotions to the highest peak, or to the lowest peak, a mathematical formula to calculate the exact timing of each beat or rhythm which can make or break a film.

Each and every one of us will remember a film by the music and soundtrack, consciously or sub-consciously the profound effects of the music and composition can leave long lasting emotions within our body. Sometimes we are not aware of Why? such a film made a difference in our life, believing it was the story behind the script? the actors ?the place it was set? but do we ever question the music and sound that was present in the background? Within every step, moment and scene the composer has created a vibration and turned it into an expression on the screen.

The rise and fall of our breath, the beating of our heart, when two or more sounds vibrate on the same frequency they will naturally resonate together. Every word we use, hear, or see is a match automatically to the vibration of a concept, feeling, process, or relationship. With modern technology, we hear worldwide events instantly, without realising every sound we hear throughout the day be it on the TV, Internet, Movie, or Working environment has an influence on our consciousness at every moment. On an energetic level sound relates to our Throat Chakra, our communication, self -expression, our creative identity.

When we are creating we are making something that has not existed before, this is our gateway to the past and future, creativity is a pure expression of our spirit. A film will communicate it’s emotions through the music by the use of actions, expression, and communication all the elements that we use each and every day to shape our own reality and life.

Here are some examples of the some of the greatest music producers and artists who have influenced our mind through film!

Songwriting – Chris De Burg, the British-Irish singer, and songwriter, has sold over 45 million copies worldwide of his hit “The Lady In Red” which reached number one in several countries. In 1997 Chris De Burg wrote and composed the song “There’s a New Star Up In Heaven Tonight” was a tribute and dedication to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Many of his songs refer to many historic battles especially World War I and World War II, this powerful reminiscence and interest in History, has led him to write many songs for other artists globally. Songwriting originally required the writer to attend college and gaining a University degree or diploma within modern music and history.

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Madonna – Desperately Seeking Susan in 1985 was the launch of Madonna and her career as a pop artist, dancer, and actress. Starting her career in 1977 as a modern dancer, Madonna achieved popularity as an American singer and songwriter growing over time to become a popular actress of the 80’s with her imagery in her music videos and sexual and passionate lyrics.

Winning a Golden Globe award for her role as Best Actress in the hit musical Evita; which was re-created in 1996 as a movie. Madonna later received a Grammy Award for “Ray of Light” and in 2005 “Confessions on a Dancefloor” a tribute to her most popular songs including ” Like a Virgin”, “Vogue” “Like a Prayer” reaching the number one spot on the recording charts.

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Music Therapy

The frequency of music can be used as a means for opening up your communication with your higher self. Allowing a deep awakening of the inner strength and realisation we all have inside of us. When we let go and allow the music to assist our outlook in life. Unexpected and powerful vibrations will create a happy and healthy mind. Music therapy supports many ailments and conditions by lifting the mood of one’s mind, body and spirit depending on the words and rhythm it displays

Who is StaiMusic?

StaiMusic online is a unique concept as it uses all your senses to connect to the song, by reading about the artist and film, by visually seeing the music and by hearing the music in various genre’s supporting a wealth of healing. StaiMusic is a streaming music service, a project born in Milan (Italy) in 2013; their main goal is to try to make a sound selection focused on the quality of the songs, based on the power of the words and founded on the refinement of the collections. StaiMusic wants to give you the opportunity to listen, to watch and to discover the music.

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