Launch Your Movie With Success

The most crucial part of making a successful video campaign is to plan well in advance. The secret to success is to keep your video short, light in tone, direct, and shot in a stimulating location. Quality begins with pre-production, starting on the road of any video production without thorough planning can lead to extra costs, disorganisation and in truth a recipe for disaster.

Most people only see the end result and have no awareness of what is required, you need to maintain consistency with your vision, strategic planning, organised logistics, along with the intricate development of a shooting strategy. Like anything in life, time is money, but on set your planning and campaign needs to keep within the budget and production window, otherwise, you end up with a shortfall and most likely a video or campaign that never got finished.

Whether you are planning to outsource your production to a professional company or if you are the professional yourself, using a structured platform to create with this allows you to communicate and collaborate instantly with a client or contractor. This will ensure all parties are informed of any changes, on target with their plan and are prepared to go to camera.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Ideal length 2 – 2.5 minutes anything after 4 mins drops off and loses momentum.
  2. Introduction to your product within the first 10-20 seconds.
  3. Upbeat and friendly tones create a better mood and is more adaptable to a larger audience.
  4. Take your time in making the video allow around 4 weeks to produce it if necessary longer.
  5. Scout your location, find an appealing location that set the scene in an uplifting way.
  6. Videos that are rich and well compelled visual effects do better in campaigns.
  7. A short cameo works just as well as a huge performance from a founder.
  8. Hire an actor to do the narrative of your video a professional in this field would have trained about perfect timing, pauses and fluent in their tone. You can also have the founders do the narrative but keep it simple.
  9. Campaigns that have raised over 100k hired a professional to make it, this is a worthy investment if you wish to see a high return on your product and campaign.

Editing/script writing for  your film

Find a good editor or scriptwriter that offers the opportunity for movie makers to expand their dialogue and support their ambition and turn it into meaning. I believe there are many storylines that need a platform and voice to become something much more than a movie. Many films that receive a great audience response at small film festivals very rarely are spoken about or heard of again.

Making a crowdfunding campaign for your film/company

Crowdfunding is a lucrative mechanism for entrepreneurs and startups to generate the capital and have a strong validation of their production which is necessary for bringing their offerings to the market. Each day more and more businesses are turning towards this model for financing their projects and marketing their new enterprise. With this there has been a rise in video campaigns, these short videos are created to attract the right market, find out public opinion and also show the ethos, ambition, history of the film and business model to take it to the screen. The value of having such a unique campaign video will make a difference in the capital generated, pre-production choices and fundraising success.

If your video has a high budget you are most likely to gain recognition and exceed your fundraising goals. The investment you make in your campaign video will be one that sets you apart from many other filmmakers but also pitching at the film festivals and studios.

Author: Isabella Rose