How To Reduce Anxiety With Bergamot 

Bergamot is a tropical plant but thrives and is primarily grown in the coastal regions of Italy, France, Turkey and Arizona. This small pear-shaped citrus fruit holds the hidden secrets to activating and maintaining a healthy heart, liver, immune system and nervous system. Tucked away in the medicine cabinets of our grandparents and ancestors, our forgotten and mysterious healing plants and herbs have become a welcoming joy in this modern day world.

Opening Your Heart To Love

Love is the pure essence that heals, a force that bridges the gap between the opening of the lotus and our ever-evolving acceptance of another. When our heart draws breath with the smell of bergamot, our anxiety reduces. Each part of the plant from the peel, gum, and the flower combines and expands our heart to feel peace, serenity, and love.

So how do we understand what is free in the wild and can be used in a simple way to support our heart and keep it open to receiving love and giving love? If you can imagine your heart as the main train station like "Waterloo Station" in London. Passing moments, experiences, feelings, thoughts, expression, intuition and guidance flows in and out so rapidly and frequently. Most of the time we already know what is about to happen before it has manifested into reality.

Our natural response is to use our thoughts as our inner guidance, the secret is to bring your thoughts to your heart and then you will truly know what is real; only the heart has the answer. Even if you are directed away from your first initial feeling, a strong, relaxed and open heart will ease your anxiety, lower your blood pressure, and allow you to flow and weave through hardship, grief, health, and life in general.

Bergamot Essential Oil

The powerful aroma of the Bergamot tree makes it very popular to be compressed and used in a variety of ways. Bergamot Essential Oil is derived through cold compression using the rind of the citrus fruit Bergamot. If you are receiving a massage, foot spa, or burning this wonderful oil - the healing benefits are noticeable within seconds. You will find Bergamot oil within black teas like (Earl Grey) with a flowery sweet taste and scent of Bergamot when you add hot water to the tea. With its sweet smell and medical usage, it is advisable to seek medical advice if one wanted to use Bergamot Essential oil as a natural healing alternative and use on a regular basis.

Other usages for Bergamot Essential Oil:

  • Antiseptic
  •  Antibiotic
  •  Sedative
  • Disinfectant
  • Antispasmodic
  • Analgesic
  • Antidepressant
  • Digestive support for the liver and colon

As this is such powerful natural oil please keep in mind the following:

  1. Always use 100% organic and do your research on the chemical composition of the oil.
  2. Please make sure it will not counteract with any medications you may be taking.
  3. When receiving a massage please notify the therapist if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have asthma.
  4. Make sure that the oil has been diluted first before applying onto the skin and always buy this oil from an aromatherapist that is regulated if you are using this in your practice.
  5. Never use Bergamot Oil on a child.
  6. This essential oil makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight so make sure you wait 12-14 hours before going out in the sun.

Benefits of using Bergamot Oil

The scent of Bergamot Oil is completely different to most oils, as the Bergamot Tree is a cross between a lemon and orange tree, it is used commonly in many perfumes. Recent statistics and reports have shown many individuals experience a decrease in their anxiety due to the compound found in the Bergamot which stimulates the brain to exert neurotransmitters (dopamine & serotonin) therefore it's usage are making great progress in supporting those suffering from depression, anxiety, sudden moods, and psychological stress disorders.

Supportive qualities of the Citrus Bergamot fruit and juices

Fruit from the Bergamot plant is inedible, however, extensive research of the healing phytochemicals are assisting mainstream drugs and other therapeutic benefits this fruit can deliver. The juice from the fruit is supportive of the cardiovascular systems, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and the cleansing of the blood vessels and valves.


You can buy 100% pure Bergamot orange juice, which is sugar-free and taken from the bergamot orange and squeezed freshly. To enjoy the benefits it is recommended that you dilute this orange juice with water and take on a daily basis. If you buy from a health store or a place that carries the label 100% pure then you will also see the following benefits it can assist your body with.

  1.  Reduces cholesterol in the blood stream.
  2.  Supports individuals suffering from cardiovascular ailments.
  3.  Rich in vitamin C, B1, B2, A and E
  4. Repairs bones with its anti-oxidant action.


Other foods such as marmalade, black teas, and Turkish delight, or any products that contain the bergamot citrus fruit are great sources to assist your digestive system.

Tablet form

The citrus bergamot is available in tablet form to support cholesterol level, glucose defense, and the cardiovascular system.

Spirituality of Bergamot

Spiritual Bergamot promotes happiness, prosperity, and protection. If used correctly this mystical life force can instill confidence, courage, and trust in your own heart and thoughts. You will find bergamot oil helps to release negative thought patterns, suppressed emotions and activates the heart chakra to separate the illusion from the truth and cleanse the lower and upper chakras.

The third chakra relates to our immune system, which is courage, willpower, and cleansing of our spleen, colon, and digestive system. Once activated through inhalation, meditation, massage, food, or drink consumption the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chakra will come back in sync with their purpose and role of utilising the energy within and outside of the body. This powerful plant will connect you to your Spiritual Self – Which is your heart and bring peace, love, and harmony back into your life again.

Heart Chakra Blend

If you wish to truly feel balanced and connected to your heart, blend Bergamot, Frankincense, and Absolute Rose oil together. This combination will clear unwanted energies or lower vibrations attracted to you and lift your thoughts to one of happiness and joy. If you are using this on the skin or in practice Jojoba will be your base ingredient.

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By Isabella Rose

All information provided is classed as Alternative therapy, if you feel you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned, please seek medical advice from a qualified Doctor or Practitioner.