Transition Through The Menopause With A New Sense Of Freedom

Many women are sailing through the menopause after finding their sense of purpose, as we are now a nation of openness to share and speak of our experience, our transition through the menopause can welcome joy and freedom knowing you have experience and confidence on your side. We are all unique and special in our mind, bodies, and spirit so each individual will have a different outlook on the menopause and the purpose and role it plays in their life.

What may be a loss to one woman will become a gain to another; your attitude towards this change can make a significant impact on your behaviour patterns and experience of it. When we allow nature to work naturally, to grow but not to control, accept the mysterious virtue of your intelligence to adjust your life according to your energetic make-up.

In some cultures the menopause is the beginning of wisdom, look for it and it can’t be seen, feel for it and it can’t be found, accept that moment when you experience a hot flush as an acknowledgement of your feminine spirit, pride brings its own trouble so simply accepting these changes as a cleansing and release of who you once were.

Seek out a leader that is loved and cherished in the role of supporting a woman through this transition, support groups and good friends who have already made this change become a gift and a welcoming relief knowing there is help out there so you don’t feel alone. Combining a healthy lifestyle, relaxation techniques and positive thoughts and affirmations can have a significant impact in reducing the symptoms. Keeping a gratitude journal and writing down five things each night before you go to bed, will allow your mind to switch off and see through that moment of grief as you let go of the old and welcome the new.

You are a priority in your life, remind yourself that beauty is internal and will never fade away. If you can spend 15 minutes a day just for you, even if it’s just closing the bedroom door, switching off the phone, or going out for a walk, in those moments of oneness you will fix the basis of your power. A kind person who is acting from the heart will accomplish a multitude of things, even in moments of despair use your courage to be kind and thoughtful and watch the everlasting flow of love surround you.

Depression is the past, anxiety is the future and peacefulness is the present, embrace the light and lives of others in the present moment. Learn what your triggers are and make changes to your lifestyle, you are giving yourself a blessing and a gift that you will return to the centre of your being. The world can never be controlled neither can you outrun the menopause, accept things as they are and out of compassion to others and oneself you will avoid unnecessary emotions and pain which can be turned into sweet rain falling on paradise.

How will herbal medicine help my symptoms?

Herbal medicine is about taking a holistic approach to life, Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine place their emphasis on the health of a person rather than the disease or focusing on a particular ailment or discomfort by switching the meridian system within our bodies to focus and thrive on their overall condition. Botanical medicines use the roots, the plant’s seeds, bark, flower, and berries for medicinal purposes. How the plant was harvested, it’s growth and how it was processed will have a major impact on the raw herb or extracts placed in essence or oils.

Ginseng is one of the tested and recorded natural herbs that may support your growth through the menopause and any other changes occurring as we age through life.

Ginseng (Genus Panax)– Native to East Asia, ginseng is the aromatic root of a plant. In the United States, there are three species commonly used for ginseng they are Korean ginseng (Panax), American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and Serbian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus). All three varieties are adaptogens that balance immune system, help the body adapt to hormonal change, lowers blood sugar levels, insomnia, reduces stress levels, treats sexual dysfunction, diabetes, asthma, angina and heart palpitations, lack of appetite along with helping the lungs to function well. It may also help with inflammation or swelling of the ankles or upper arms due to an increased level of water retained whilst going through the menopause. Its affinity is with the spleen, adrenal function, and kidneys. Very rarely in Chinese medicine is this used as a single herb, you will find ginseng listed in most Western herbalism as a component mixed with other herbs.

Note: At all times consult a certified and regulated health practitioner or supplier of natural medicine as caution is required if you are currently taking prescribed medicine, have type 2 diabetes or any medicine that lowers your blood level, consult your Doctor first before taking. Always take caution when taking herbal medicine; some individuals may be allergic to a particular plant.

You may also wish to try Hawthorn, Sage, Soy, Mexican Wild Yam, Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, Evening Primrose and Valerian Root. Our diet whilst going through the menopause can truly help your body regulate and override old energetic patterns. Foods that are rich and contain the right nutrients may help lift our spirits and maintain a healthy cognitive system. By regulating your intake with the right ingredients from a well-established supplier and grower will help regulate your mood giving you a bright and healthy complex.

Removing sugar from your diet and replacing it with a healthy alternative

If one takes sugary refined food on a regular basis this can upset the blood glucose levels, which creates highs and lows in the energetic flow of your internal energy system. When we replace our food to include slow release sugars like coconut palm sugar; banana powder, agave or vakon this will release sugar slowly into the blood to support a balanced mood. Our nervous system is one of the most important features of our living, getting key vitamins to maintain a healthy nervous system is crucial. Magnesium and B vitamins that are found in hemp along with many other superfoods will lift up your mood creating happy cells to be released. A healthy and balanced way to start your day is with a supportive juice or smoothie blend with fresh vegetables, fruits and a spoonful of coconut palm sugar. Replacing sugar and using coconut palm sugar creates a rich flavour, acts as a low-glycaemic sweetener adding a sweet caramel taste to your Juice. Coconut palm sugar can be directly substituted for cane sugar in any recipe.

How can I balance my emotions?

Having both consistency and flexibility in the first chakra (Root) creates a healthy distribution of energy throughout the body. Overeating can often be seen as trying to ground the body or pad the body out through other areas of unhappiness. Undereating can weaken the energy flow, therefore the need to trust in oneself to be here and exists is usually the cause of this behaviour. By increasing the flow of energy with an easy to follow diet that is enriched with the right nutrients, one will find themselves feeling happier in other areas of their life finding the strength to cope with other situations and conditions as they arise. By taking a class in yoga, meditation, chi-kung or pilates will become a great source and understanding of the chakra system guiding you to use your energy to uplift your emotions and remove blockages. If you are really struggling book in with a health practitioner that is qualified in Bio-energy therapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chiropractor, reflexlogy, councillor or mental health practitioner that aligns with your beliefs.

Always remember you are not alone, you don’t have to go through this change without support and if you are scared to ask for help, spend time in Nature. When we walk out into our gardens, without realising we have a wonder of healing flowers, trees, plants and herbs that bring vitality into our earth along with our well-being. Your home environment has a significant impact on your health and well-being. Wherever you reside you have the tools and healing qualities around you to bring enormous changes into your life.

Author: Isabella Rose