Olive Oil Supports Anti-Aging

The olive tree is one of the most well respected and important Greek mythical trees along with being one of the most valuable trees as a source of food and olive oil. The berries borne by the olive tree ripen in the early autumn and are harvested towards the end of November.Today and in ancient history the olive branch has been a symbol of “Peace“ along with promoting prosperity beauty and strength.

How does the Olive Tree grow?

When one cultivates the olive tree it can grow up to 20 feet in height, with numerous branches and a contoured trunk. Growing at a slow pace the tree develops, and if cut down new shoots will appear from its roots and as many as six trunks could come into being; often living for several centuries. After gathering the olives, one would use a mortar and pestle or by using a stone press to grind them. Once you have removed the impurities the oil is ready for use.

Which healing nutrients come from the Olive Tree?

Olive oil has nutrients that support the heart and brain being one of the Omega -3’s it allows the blood to flow easier. Antioxidants found in the oil protect against aging by reducing damage from free radicals. By consuming olive oil in your diet and adding to salads and vegetables you can enjoy a life that reduces your rate of any coronary heart disease. With vitamins and essential fatty acids within the oil it can assist in healing burns and used as an alternative treatment across the world. Anti-aging for keeping the skin smooth and preventing wrinkles, assisting stretch marks and restoring a youthful look.

With a therapeutic value, the olive oil helps reduce muscle fatigue, improves the strength and flexibility of the skin and aids in the prevention of injuries to the body. Also a valued sun care protection from the sun.

Author: Isabella Rose

Publication: Garden Of Love Book

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