How does Roasted Seaweed Support Our Health and Wellness?

For hundreds of years seaweeds have been used as food; usage in Ireland has been recorded to date back to the 12th century. Seaweeds are high in minerals, as a result of their marine growing environment. A delicacy of Japan, the Nori seaweed is roasted making it a pure seaweed, a great addition to many foods. Whilst in production only a small amount of (sea salt) and oil are added to the Nori, giving it the crunchy and sweet flavor. Japan have benefited for many years with this vegetable from the sea, with the appreciation for the nutritional benefits and longevity that it provides.

Similar to making paper, the roasted seaweed goes through a process of shredding, drying and roasting the Nori. Producing a thin layer of seaweed either green or black in color. Nori or Roasted seaweed is rich in fibre, playing an important role in the cellular structure of our human bodies and energetic system. The health benefits that roasted seaweed produce, stand out from the crowd of a high nutritional intake. Now classified as a vegetable.

Let us walk through the recorded health benefits:

Vitamin B12

  • Our immune system, contributing to the normal function of red blood cells and haemoglobin, thus allowing our oxygen to flow naturally through our body.
  • Maintaining a normal metabolism of Iron.
  • Supporting a balanced and regulated nervous system.
  • A clear and mental state of mind.
  • Roasted seaweed or Nori contains a high level of vitamin B12, within each sheet dried and roasted.

Most of the Earth’s Iodine is found in the sea, therefore, seaweed plays an essential part in our well-being.


  • A key component of having a normal thyroid and hormone function.
  • Assisting Neurological development and metabolism.
  • Roasted seaweed is an excellent source of dietary Iodine
  • Each sheet contains over half the levels of Iodine intake needed within the body on a daily basis.

Fibre and Protein

  • Rich in fibre, Nori contains a supportive level.
  • Protein found in Nori helps build the muscles and cell structure.


  • Containing 50mg of potassium per 1 sheet, roasted seaweed produces a high intake.
  • Lowers your blood pressure reducing your risk of heart disease or strokes.
  • Releasing the principal positive charge in the fluid inside of cells.
  • Low saturated fat and calories;
  • Very small trace of fat within each sheet produced.
  • Roasted seaweed per sheet only contains 5 calories

With a unique taste to the pallet, many use Roasted seaweed as a wonderful snack in between meals to provide them with high energy and a healthy alternative. As an excellent source of calcium, your bones will benefit from Roasted seaweed, many with various ailments suffering from the depletion or reduction in bone density have increased due to a high intake of Nori. Other vitamins found in roasted seaweed are magnesium supporting energy production, an essential mineral. One of the most important and essential structural component found in seaweed is Phosphorus, it plays a crucial part in our biological processes, including bone mineralization and energy production.

Roasted seaweed has now become available to purchase in any major supermarkets or local nutritional stores. Whilst sourcing roasted seaweed online or at an Asian store the important thing to remember is to read carefully the label and to make sure that the ingredients are correct. Roasted seaweed should only contain vegetable oil (or other natural oils) and (sea salt).

Whilst checking the ingredients there should be no artificial supplements included in the product and when available, finding a trustworthy and regulated organic supplier will give you the peace of mind that your roasted seaweed or Nori has passed all clearance as being fully prepared in the most natural and chemical free way. There are variants in the color of the Nori or roasted seaweed, the darker the color with the least transparency will have a stronger quality and taste to the vegetable.

There are many ways you can cook with roasted seaweed, by adding small crumbled pieces into your salads, to add a fuller flavor and taste. If you are a seafood lover, sushi is the most popular way to eat roasted seaweed, always make sure that it is fresh, crunchy and that the ingredients in the sushi are seaweed. If you love to snack, roasted seaweed sheets provide you with a great alternative to processed foods and sugars.

Nori or any other type of seaweed is widely available and a great nutritious sea vegetable to bring into your daily diet, and lift your mind.

By Isabella Rose

All information provided is classed as Alternative therapy, if you feel you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned, please seek medical advice from a qualified Doctor or Practitioner.