Blogging For Beginners

The first rule of writing is understanding your audience, if you are a small business it can be a daunting experience in finding the right professional that has the same vision and understanding of your company. By making that investment valuable to your growth, generate traffic to your website and build a brand that one slogan represents who you are and where you are going. The most important factor is that you stay true to your vision, your voice and listen to your readership.

Each and every one of us no matter what our background or training has the capacity to open up our creative mind and visualise the future. Marketing and branding experts will use words that can confuse you into thinking they know something you don’t? but in truth, they too had to learn or study their profession to become experts at this.

Here are some ideas to support you in finding that professional blogger

  1. Research yourself the type of blog you would like to write? Would it be upcoming news about your business? regular newsletters to your clients? products and services you offer? free training and information to help your customers grow? The time you put into your research will be the most valuable investment you will make. By reading other people’s blogs in the same industry will give you an equal footing in the marketplace, respect, and admiration from your readership for writing with integrity and truth, along with inspiration to create your own unique blogging forum.
  2. Develop your relationship with existing clients and potential new clients? By blogging you are engaging with your clients and connecting to your site visitors. SEO content is the word everybody shouts out? why may you ask is this so important? google and other search engines live for fresh content, they are programmed to pick up certain words that are repeated and used over and over again. A professional writer in your area of expertise will make sure your blog has the right words that will be utilised and benefit your blog.
  3. Establish your business and your field by becoming a leader? You are a leader in your expertise and business you are running otherwise you would never have entered into such a job. Even if you are just starting out the very fact you have decided this – is who you are. Over time you would wish for nothing more than be referred to as a helpful and resourceful place, interesting and engaging content, original and researched content. Competition is healthy but keeping a realistic goal in mind and standing next to the larger organisations who have invested in making their company and reputation grow, your number one outlook is to become a leading expert in your own field.
  4. Build your brand and watch it grow? when you start out blogging you need to imagine a seed being placed into the soil, taking the time to nurture it, feed it, tend to it and watch it grow and blossom. Patience, regularity, and passion will help you build a strong brand. Embrace the moment as if you were dancing the tango under the stars, having fun with your blog and interacting with your audience by asking them to leave comments on your site, feedback of your blogs, and turning their thoughts into inspiration and growth for your brand.

Every opportunity for writing about your business, brand or even just your own thoughts and ideas will create a larger audience as you watch others share your work, support your work and be loyal to you as a business that took the time to listen, learn and grow. Always remember your spoken word should come from a place of kindness and compassion, choose your words and vision that matches that vibration.

How can we help your business grow?

We have developed our own platform to write your blogs for you, by taking the time to research your industry, but most importantly we want to have a relationship with you based on communication and growing together. If you are looking for that extra special team of bloggers who put you and your clients needs first, then our freelance service will give you the freedom of knowing we regularly blog our own work. We are a team of qualified and professional writers in the following fields; Creative Writing, Writing, Music, Film, Alternative Therapy, Equine, Holistic Health, Flowers, Plants, Animals and Super Foods.

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By Isabella Rose