Garden Of Love

Book Preview 2018

Foods that are rich and contain the right nutrients may help lift our spirits and maintain a healthy cognitive system. By regulating your intake with the right ingredients from a well-established supplier and grower will help regulate your mood giving you a bright and healthy complex. Our nervous system is one of the most important features to our living, getting key vitamins to maintain a healthy nervous system is crucial. Magnesium and B vitamins that are found in hemp along with many other superfoods will lift up your mood creating happy cells to be released.

If one takes sugary refined food on a regular basis this can upset the blood glucose levels, which creates highs and lows in the energetic flow of your internal energy system. When we replace our food to include slow release sugars like coconut palm sugar; banana powder, agave or vakon this will release sugar slowly into the blood to support a balanced mood. Finding the holistic approach to health and well-being can be a mindful and emotional experience. Every day we read reports of disease, illnesses, and mental health and yet this ever-increasing fear can be balanced if we change the way we look at things.

Having the right diet to work alongside your lifestyle and the principles that you put forward can help bring your mind, body, and spirit into balance; which ultimately will restore you back to a natural healthy state of being. As a qualified practitioner within Bio-Energy therapy, I have searched the many corners of the world to report in our own words and experience of many therapists, doctors, and practitioners in various areas of living a healthy life. Having both consistency and flexibility in the first chakra (energy centre) creates a healthy distribution of energy throughout the body. Overeating can often be seen as trying to ground the body or pad the body out through other areas of unhappiness. Undereating can weaken the energy flow, therefore the need to trust in oneself to be here and exists is usually the cause for this behavior. By increasing the flow of energy with an easy to follow diet that is enriched with the right nutrients, one will find themselves feeling happier in other areas of their life finding strength to cope with other situations and conditions as they arise.

By understanding and sourcing different foods around you and their impact on your body, ultimately will help you find a deeper understanding of the associated benefits and harmful effects of alkaline and acidic foods. The alkaline soup, will enlighten you with information and guided steps to balance your lifestyle feeling younger, healthier and mentally clear. When we walk out into our gardens, without realising we have a wonder of healing flowers, trees, plants and herbs that bring vitality into our earth along with our well-being. Your home environment has a significant impact on your health and well-being. Wherever you reside you have the tools and healing qualities around you to bring enormous changes into your life.

Fresh flowers and plants situated in each room will remind you of nature, remove toxins from the air and produce oxygen. Floral aromas and flower essence provide vital healing qualities within the human body, which provide the energetic system in more ways than one can imagine. We live in a fast-paced world; at times we forget the food we put inside us is creating our behavior, habits, and brainpower. Soup’s from my garden is a collective menu to help you prepare healthy and enjoyable meals that will nurture your well-being. Each day for 28 days we will create the menu board of cost effective soup’s that will help you maintain a healthy balance and diet.

By Isabella Rose

Author & Holistic Trainer

Extract from forthcoming book “Garden Of Love” by Isabella Rose

Available to purchase online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WH Smith on the 1st July 2018.

28 Natural medicines and nutrients for energy, this powerful book takes your mind, body, and spirit on a journey of discovering your own hidden garden deep within your heart. Enjoy many recipes, juices and training about crystals, oils, herbs, flowers, superfoods, energy and the health benefits of natural healing. Pre-order your copy online for a limited time, special offer £7.99.

Garden Of Love – Book