How To Overcome Fear With Love

We will never have the opportunity to live this day again. When you listen to your heart and become at peace in your own world and affairs that this day will become one of empowerment and not fear. We can learn to change our thinking, by choosing to use positive words and positive thoughts. By doing so you slowly enrich the basic survival of your life, to change, move, flow and open your emotions and allowing yourself to heal.

There is a place within each of us, that teaches us to learn to trust your inner-self, you will find the answer even if it is not what you want to hear. By being willing to forgive and release the past and let go of your fears, your present moment becomes richer and fuller.

The power is always in the present thought and moment. When you take your own power back by overcoming fear and forgiveness, even if you don’t know how to forgive, by trying and expressing harmony and peace then you can be willing to set yourself free of any fear that no longer needs to exist or be there.

How to balance and overcome my fears with my second chakra (sacral)

The second chakra cultivates movement and feelings; representing our emotions and sexuality. Water is the associated element connected to the second chakra, the purpose of this chakra is movement and connection, duality, emotions, desires, sexuality, need and pleasure.

Our basic right is to feel and have pleasure when we are entering into this area. By balancing this chakra with movement, letting go of addictions, completing inner child work and releasing guilt will support and balance you to overcome any fears that are blocking your flow of energy.

Letting go of fear through movement

To let go, to feel, to move and yield will stimulate a change in your consciousness. Movement get’s us up and increases our sensory input and extends the field of our perception. By allowing our body to move will increase circulation, stimulate our nerve endings and build our muscle tissue. When our body flows with pleasure and excitement our nervous systems accelerates sensation and awareness; pleasure is movement.

Allow creative time to flow through you

If we believe we are too busy to express creativity our energy field becomes stagnant allowing moments of fear to set in through our physical pain, emotional pain and mental pain of the fear of the unknown. Our senses are the gateway between the internal and external world. Hearing, sight, touch, taste, sound are the inner matrix of connection and giving meaning to our experience. Just like the flow of water, creative expression is drawing, poetry, writing, dancing, gardening any act of movement within the body that supports you in releasing fear and overcoming changes.

Connect to your spiritual function of your soul

Our emotions are instinctive reactions to our inner data system, allowing us to organise our feelings and express them in a way that works within your own spiritual heart. At times our emotions are based on fear, not knowing how to handle them, digest them, or overcome them. They can come out in the form of anger, depression, tears, pain, sorrow, afraid or feel happiness and joy. We may believe we are in control of these emotions but ultimately they have a life of their own.

Emotions help us unravel the journey of our life, our soul, and our fears. We will all react in certain ways and sometimes not knowing why? when we find the truth to our own inner fears most of the time, the answers come to the surface, allowing the flow of energy to shift you from a place of fear to a place of action.

Become aware of what triggers those emotions, allow yourself to be strong and brave to face them, look at those feelings of fears and tell them you are ready to move on. Move forward and build a life where those around you understand that compassion and support are all most people need in this world, and somebody to just believe in them.

” I believe I am worthy of happiness in my life, I let go and embrace the unknown with the understanding there is a solution to every problem, I am safe and loved from all who come into my life.”

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By Isabella Rose