Welcome to the Gift Of Love Project,

To give love unconditional either through our words, actions or thoughts creates strength strong within uniting a vibration of positive energy and offering the gift of love to all. Many people close their eyes to receiving the “Gift of Love“ it happens every minute, every moment, every chapter of your life. We have become lost in opening our eyes to seeing when this happens.

Our aim is to work together by gifting loving gestures to those who may need support in times of crisis. It can be very lonely when you feel nothing is going well in your life. You may be looking after a sick person, animal, child and just want to talk with somebody who may know how to get through those moments.

When we take the time to stop in the moment and ask the questions " how can I help another today?" you are walking in the light of unconditional love. It is not about gifting in monetary terms; it is about your thoughts, intention, and prayer that between us we can create the world that is vibrating on a higher level of love.

Our writers, teachers, and artists dedicate a percentage of their time to gift onto another. We are so blessed to have such a supportive team of like-minded individuals and wish to pay this forward to you.

Never give up hope in the "Gift of Love" there is always somebody in the world thinking and sending you unconditional love all of the time. Join us and celebrate the act of Love, by helping each other come together as one.

Isabella Rose,
Founder of the Gift Of Love Project