Go Raise Helping Each Other Grow

Go Raise is a wonderful platform to help many charities, foundations, individuals and causes through the support of registered and affiliated retailers. Each retailer has chosen to give something back as a donation to say thank you for your support. Go Raise has partnered with retailers who also benefit from extra customers through this scheme, by saving costs on marketing they have opted to pay this forward to registered businesses and individuals that use the Go Raise website for all their shopping needs.
How does it work?

Through this retail commission structure, thousands of good causes in the UK are supported each year. Go Raise is a commercial organisation who have their own fees in place with the retailers, which allows the registered users to receive the full donation without any extras taken out. Through this wonderful network of retailers, you can support any good cause, from national charities, small community groups, foundation or your own company. Go Raise helps company foundations, charities, sports clubs, PTA's, community group, churches, youth groups (Girl Guides, Scouts etc) and many more amazing causes.

We truly believe this will help us support the needs of many writers, music artists, filmmakers, holistic teachers/trainers, equine, animals, non-profit foundations, charities, and individuals to receive our services if they are in need of help. If you feel you would like to support us further all we ask is you do your shopping online and associate our cause when you purchase with any of the online retailers.

Our dedication to you is to send you a letter of gratitude and to whom we have paid your donation forward to. We are not a charity, our ethos to pay it forward as a professional group of like-minded businesses from around the world who have come together through Isabella Rose Online with the dream to build a loving community with the Gift Of Love project. With your support, we will be able to grow and reach out to many who may need just a helping hand. Thank you for standing behind us and walking side by side.

Register today at Go Raise online for a day of paying it forward  www.goraise.co.uk/isabella-rose-online

With gratitude and Love,
Isabella Rose
Founder Of The Gift Of Love Project

The Gift Of Love Project

To give love unconditional either through our words, actions or thoughts creates strength strong within uniting a vibration of positive energy and offering the gift of love to all. Many people close their eyes to receiving the “Gift of Love“ it happens every minute, every moment, every chapter of your life. We have become lost in opening our eyes to seeing when this happens. Our aim is to work together by gifting loving gestures to those who may need support in times of crisis. 

Gift Of Love Sponsorship Program

We are delighted to be supporting many writers and creative artists in realising their dreams with our new sponsorship program. Imagine your sponsorship reaching out across the world and supporting a young inspiring writer, musicians, filmmaker, and screenwriters to fulfill their dream.

You could make such a difference to so many people by giving the gift of love with sponsorship. We are able to direct those individuals with the right training, teachers, and support in many genres and areas of life. The Gift Of Love relies on donations to support writer's workshops, writing kits, online support along with editing and book preparation. Our qualified trainers are here to build a strong foundation for a writer so they may continue to expand their mind, and become who they have always dreamed of being.

Through our Gift Of Love Project, we are able to help so many people pick up a book again, find healing and inspiration, and create a powerful form of therapy through creative writing.

If you are interested in supporting this great cause please email us at http://editor@isabellaronline.com, we look forward to hearing from you.