Bio-Energy Equine Coaching

Equine therapy is a powerful form of healing that allows the mind, body, and spirit to connect again and feel the powerful spirit of the horse within. Power is a form of energy, by sharing power it enables others to develop and open up their own strengths. Horses symbolise the wind, devotion, unconditional love, loyalty, friendship, and compassion. A warrior spirit giving safety in your metaphysical and physical journey in this life. 

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are minerals that over millions of years have crystallized through a combination of pressure and extremely high temperatures. You are able to find crystals in many parts of the world; either on the earth's surface or buried deep within the earth. In ancient Greek mythology, crystals were made from magical water which had been frozen for the deities or god. The word "crystal" is an abbreviation of the Greek word "Krustallos", you will find specific crystals and minerals in certain parts of the world dependent on the oceans and formation of the rocks and natural habitat.

Bio-Energy Therapy

Energy is a vibration of electrical activity. It is a natural force that flows through all humans, animals and plant life and 98% of what appears to be solid mass is actually empty space. But scientists can show us that what we think of as empty space is actually made up of tiny molecules and atoms that our human eyes cannot see. These molecules and atoms vibrate and radiate a natural energy. When it relates to the human body we call it Bio-Energy.

Garden Of Love

Your garden is your own little patch of nature to look after and to practice and cultivate plants, trees, flowers, foliage, root vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruits, and herbs. When we take care of our gardens organically, you will not only supply your own source with a healthy environment you are making a positive step towards supporting all wildlife, your families, and the world. By growing your garden in an organic way you assist the natural cycle of nature, when you spend time in a healthy and vibrant garden full of plants, flowers, and trees it will promote great physical health.