How To De-Clutter Your Spiritual Self

Discovering Your Authentic Self – Fire is our life force, the kundalini energy, and the spark of life within our spiritual self. Fire is a pure energy, a sacred source of warmth and light; a gift from the gods that created the power of renewal. Your spiritual self-replenishes when you de-clutter on a regular basis by changing old habits, limiting patterns, and pre-conditioned responses to help you step out of a limiting definition of self and restore your spiritual connection.

The ultimate symbol of fire is the sun, a mediator between the invisible and the visible; our etheric light of the aurora borealis. When the sun enters the Earth’s atmosphere, we feel and see a surge of electricity and transformation; each vibration can purify, transform, and destroy all life forms.

Kings throughout the world declared and believed they were direct descendants of the sun; the Ancient Greeks worshiped “Apollo” the sun god who would fly across the heavens each day in his fiery chariot. When we acknowledge that light is an aspect of fire; our bio-electrical current that surges through our bodies, without a burning inner flame one can feel isolated and lost as to what their spiritual aspect of self-needs. When one focuses and becomes aware of the inner flame within; you will activate the fire that dwells within and around you. The element of Fire represents the Spiritual Self when we turn our focus outward and see the element of fire from the moment we wake; the sunlight in your bedroom can be turned into light as you breathe in and relax your mind, body, and spirit ready for a new day.

Finding the shadow self 

By finding the “shadow self” within, and allowing your suppressed or denied emotions or thoughts to be confronted. Those first moments of feeling uncomfortable or afraid will soon disappear as you develop your faith again. As you look for the light again, it is very important to explore your fears – by asking the question “would I rather be good?” Or “would I rather be whole?” may assist you in discovering truly what your spiritual self-believes and needs. Many individuals choose to be nice and sacrifice their own need for others; most times the results leave that person broken spiritually.

As you accept and understand your fears, they will have less effect on you; If one resists often it builds momentum and energy to persist. When we resist our fears they grow and become stronger, if you acknowledge those fears the relinquish and have no impact on your life. By becoming aware of all the forms of fire surrounding you from the sun, fire, candlelight, to the inner light within you. This pure life force has the power to transform your energy, purify your spirit and open the pathway to feeling lighter and happier in all aspects of your life.

Exercises to de-clutter your spiritual self

Acknowledge your fears

Fear is what stops a high percentage of us from stepping out and becoming alive. It will always be there in your life, learn to expand your personal parameters, Remind yourself every day that you have the power to tame this fear and name it by writing it down and finding the solution to overcome it.

  • List in a journal all the things you are afraid of, make sure you are really specific and not one fear is silly or inadequate they are all relevant to your spiritual self.
  • Start with your biggest fear and imagine the worst-case scenario regarding this fear. Ask yourself and find a way that you could “survive” this fear and even turn it into a positive so you “thrive” off this fear.
  • Each day starts taking a small risk; push yourself to come out of your comfort zone. Take one of your fears and instigate a small step to overcoming it, face it and release it.
  • The road we travel on to success is often paved with failure, be willing to fail, don’t give up if others are saying no to your ideas or your dreams, remind yourself daily that the world needs you and you have something to give.

When you want to change your quality of life one of the most important things is to take action, you already know deep in your heart what is working and what is not.

How can I connect with my spiritual self?

Attend workshops and seek out mentors who have the training to help you remove any clutter that is holding you back from discovering your spiritual aspect, which will assist you in putting things in motion. Your spiritual self-has the capacity to bend and flow according to the energy that you send it; even reading this article is an act of acknowledging your spiritual aspect of yourself. There are many books available that have been written by a professional therapist who has years of experience in helping many change their life and drive it in the direction that feels joy, happiness, and fulfillment in every aspect.

 Author – Isabella Rose