Calendula (Marigold) holds the majestical and mystical power of natural medicine, not only is it edible this perennial plant blossoms into florets with several miniature flowers inside each other waiting to open. Dating back to the 12th century, many herbalists and chef’s appreciate the medicinal usage that the Calendula can provide for humans and animals. Within the South of Europe you will see fields and fields of Calendula, I refer to it as the sunshine flower that makes you smile each time you see it shining brightly under the sunlight, although it is only grown annually and is a short-lived perennial, this versatile and powerful plant is easy to grow and can provide you with an array of natural alternatives to support many conditions a wonderful alternative medicine to place into your natural medicinal cabinet.

Spiritually the Calendula or referred to as (Marigold) can help you prioritize, strengthen your immune system and bring new perspective and clarity into your life. Calendula resonates on the same frequency as your Solar Plexus, Throat and Crown Chakra; helping you to feel less overwhelmed by breaking things down into smaller steps so you can over come difficulties far easier. The brighter the flower the clearer you will feel, either a bright yellow or bright orange flower will give you an indication of how strong and spiritually vibrant this flower truly is, if the colour is dull it means there is not long left of its shelf life. When you take a moment to hold the Calendula and place it around your home or office space, this plant will help you overcome obstacles and feel lifted to manage anything in life.

You will need to plant early spring to benefit from a full growing season, Calendula will need to be grown ideally in a warm sunny climate, however too hot it will die and too cold it won’t survive, that is why a Mediterranean climate is perfect. However, if you have a sunny garden or a greenhouse with the right temperature and you sew the seeds every three weeks or so you will have a continual supply. Its roots are not deep, so one plant is able to grow in a medium size container, cover the plant with a thin layer of fertilising compost and add a small amount of plant feed making sure you maintain a regular water system so the plant does not dry out,  place the plant in a sunny area of the garden.

Throughout the summer take off the flower heads regularly which assists the plant to grow more replacements. On picking the flower it will feel sticky on your fingers like honey, this is the resinous bracts which are the green base of the flower heads. The resin is the healing property of the plant and used for natural medicine, if the flower is dry then you will know it needs more water or plant feed to help it create a stronger resin for healing. If you plant the Calendula with Lavender, Rosemary, and Mint it will truly create a really pretty look and the mix together works really well spiritually creating a vibrant smell and healthy herb garden.

When cooking with Calendula it works best when it is cooked, oil and oily dishes bring out its full flavour which is a peppery and radish like taste. There are many dishes it works well with, you can add it to rice, courgettes, celery, chilli, or a beef dish with blue cheese which leaves a zingy and zestful taste in your mouth. You will find a variety of free recipes from around the world online that you can try out, just make sure that you start with something light to see how your feel. I enjoy creating a nice macaroni cheese with it or a butter squash quiche with a sprinkle of the petals placed inside.

Many herbalists will have the qualification and knowledge of what the Calendula plant can assist your body with, it is highly recommended that you seek the right advice and not online if you wish to use this healing plant for various conditions one may come across. Back in the 12th Century, you were given Calendula for rashes, burns, depression, hormone balancing, and digestive problems. Still to this day, many naturopaths will recommend this flower remedy just the same. There are many herbal teas that hold a variety of the Calendula plant and used as a detox or placed within a soup as a prevention for colds to boost your immune system. It has also been used regularly to help the female hormones come into balance whilst in menopause and throughout the menstrual cycle.

It has taken me many years to learn about the healing properties and natural medicines I have made from the Calendula plant, after seeking and finding the right experienced practitioner to assist me, I know feel this is one of my top ten of natural medicines that I will use for the rest of my life. Please make sure that you understand your body first before you start to use this for medicinal purposes, even visiting your local natural health store will be a great help and support as their staff are usually qualified regarding each product they sell.

Remember when you look closely at one flower, it may seem like an indistinct clump, but when you take a deeper look it is a collection of petals. Just like the moments in your life, when you change how you look at each situation and break them down into small steps, you can move past any burden and the Calendula plant will give you the willpower and strength to do this and shine as bright as the petals hidden deep inside the Calendula.

Author: Isabella Rose

Publication: Garden Of Love Book

©copyright 2019 Isabella Rose