Isabella Rose is a qualified trainer and teacher within several forms of alternative therapy; a leading authority on therapeutic issues, emotional and physical study of the integration of the chakra system within equine therapy. Working and attending to individuals needs, Isabella has over ten years working in holistic practices worldwide, non-profit organisations, and equine healing centres. Isabella teaches many on how to create a healthy and natural space to live in and develop their own intuition and energy system to live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Creative writing is a form of therapy that Isabella has witnessed remarkable results in training the brain to restructure and release trauma, this led Isabella to study this method of therapy on a deeper level. As a renowned writer and scriptwriter, Isabella has now contributed to many magazines worldwide, alongside her creative designs and script for a children's TV series and film. Isabella's success as a ghostwriter for many authors has given her the experience and expertise in launching her own writer's workshop, she uses her knowledge to support individuals in many areas of creative writing and alternative methods of releasing trauma and past pain through writing.

Isabella believes that everybody should have the opportunity to learn about the power of the mind and ancient methods of healing that was used centuries ago to assist individuals and animals to wellness.