The Jasmine Plant

Jasmine can be used either through an oil burner using a compressed organic oil, or just the fresh flower itself, you can reach a higher focus of inner-peace within your daily meditation. When you connect to the source of the Jasmine plant, a calm, peaceful and inner well-being will radiate throughout your energy field. The Jasmine plant allows that inner wisdom to open freely resonating on your third eye chakra (energy center) and crown chakra (energy center) to gently open; inspiring imagination, intuition and directed positive thoughts.

How will it balance my Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra opens and connects us to transcendent realms beyond our ordinary awareness. Once we reach this mindset to expand; radical shifts can change our perspective of our daily situations and bring forward profound vision and insight. Taking us to a beautiful world of colourful energetic vibration.

The Jasmine plant will assist you with:

  • Mastery & Wisdom beyond our conscious awareness
  • Spiritually connected, open-minded
  •  Thoughtful, Intelligence, awareness
  • Self-knowledge
  • Guidance to the higher divine power

Affirmation from the Jasmine plant:

“I speak my truth lovingly from my heart, allowing the sweet fragrance of compassion, love, tranquility and peace blossom over time.”

By Isabella Rose

All information provided is classed as Alternative therapy, if you feel you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned, please seek medical advice from a qualified Doctor or Practioner.