Marketing And Promoting Your Writing

If you have chosen to self-publish your book, script, magazine, and journals. You will need to have a strong and structured plan on how to promote your work and yourself. The first and most important factor is ensuring your work is of the highest quality and placed on the correct social media platform, bookstore, and website; people need to know that you exist.

With our knowledge, experience, and research team who are dedication, we help you build that platform with an easy to use format so you can continue to grow over without the extra expense or time. We have our own in-house training package called the "The Writer's Workshop" which guides you forward from the start to finish.

Find the right market, and match your vocabulary to it

"Our spoken word should always come from a place of love, listen carefully to those who speak on a higher vibration."

Write your script in the correct style that is appropriate to your book, this will support your promotional material and identify you as a writer and the correct genre you come under. It is very easy to look up to existing authors, current market trends, use of "Jargon" and wanting to fit in, but this could damage your reputation if your book does not live up to the expectation of the end reader.

Trusting and having faith in your own identity will give you a very strong lift off, and you will be able to make changes accordingly to the feedback good or bad you will receive from your end purchaser. Always remember that as humans we will read the script and relate to the words, images, and message according to our own experience in that moment. Become aware of the use of words that are already out there in the market, read other people's stories, articles and see if any of them offend you in any way. The hardest part in finding your place in the market and to walk in the words of love.

The hardest part in finding your place in the market is to walk in the words of "Non-Judgement" and "Assumptions" of any kind, be open to seeing your work as a universal script that delivers the message with compassion, trust, integrity, and love. When you are writing your story or creating your music or delivering a powerful movie. Practicing patience, regularity, and effort which will direct your thoughts and intention to come from a higher place of deliverance, not from the ego but from the heart. Knowing you have done the correct groundwork to deliver your message.

Publishers of today have tailored their own scouting, by wanting you to have already had a presence in the social media world. It helps the publisher to determine if you are worth the investment, they are able to see how you act as an individual and author, what style of writer or artist you are and if they believe you are ready to be taken to the next level.

There is a place for talented writers, we believe in offering a service for the editing and creation but most importantly our training for marketing and promoting your work. Encompassing the emotional, mental and physical aspects of becoming an author, freelancer, music writer, film producer, and blogger; which will help you to build a strong platform to take off from.

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By Isabella Rose