How Your Book Description Can Sell Your Book

There are many key features that assist in your sales of your book and a variety of platforms available to sell from. However, your book description is the fundamental selling point. We have developed a simple format to assist you in writing powerful book descriptions, strategic formatting of your written words, that includes spacing, bulleting, highlighted text and paragraphs so that your description is not just blocked text.

It is in our human nature to just scan through a piece of writing or website, which limits what we pick up and react to in that moment. If you look at your book description that way and imagine if you were just scanning over it with a max of 30 seconds, at that point you need to write down what you yourself picked up. Psychologically you will entice the reader to delve in and read more if your format is set correctly and your paragraphs are flowing with the storyline of your book.

Our minds will react first to images as this is how we process everything in our life,  our second reaction is to switch the brain over to processing the text, this requires a high level of concentration and thought. A long winded and complicated book description takes away the focus and interest, you will find most readers will move on quickly to another author in that genre and will not return to look at your book if your images do not resonate with your words.

One of the challenges an author is faced with is writing a compelling book description and asking the question "What Is Going To Engage My Reader", and "how will they benefit from reading my book?". There are over half a million books published each year in just America alone, whether your book is non-fiction or fiction you must clearly state why this book is going to benefit them, and why your book is the best one for them to buy.

I always believe that instructing a writer to prepare and write your book description will keep you ahead of the game. In the outside world you are not known and as much as we all want to be recognised for our hard work and script, your ego has to step out of the game and let a third party professional write that book description for you, it will be more engaging for your audience if you got another person to write it for you and your biography.

My last thought for you is to keep your words simple, if somebody has to look it up then you have lost them. Remove explanation marks, questions marks, and capital letters. Make your book description exciting and remember you are telling your story, nobody wants to read a book description that leaves them feeling monotone and flat.

Author Isabella Rose
Publication the Creative Writer's Workshop
©2019 Copyright Isabella Rose