Music Therapy To Assist Your Horse And Yourself Back To Wellness

Music therapy with horses has a unique and enlightening experience, both for the rider and for the horse. Horses have a natural rhythm and tempo as they walk, trot, and canter, along with the capacity to hear the same frequency spectrum of music and range that a human can hear and distinguish. To connect on a deeper spiritual level with your horse is to play and listen to music together.

Dependent on the music choice a horse will match their traveling movement to the beat and rhythm of the song, this can also assist in motivating a horse to change direction, relax, and assist the horse back to wellness again. This is especially powerful when a horse has been mistreated and abandoned; the type of music played will help the horse trust and feel safe within your environment.

As a Bio-Energy Equine Coach™, I have worked for many years in training horses to adapt to their environment, release any blocked memories, and assist in healing any physical ailments within their body. Through music, I allow the horse to let go emotionally, feel the vibration that I am resonating on through how the music relaxes my breathing. Horses are intuitive, they see, feel and hear the pain, physical issues and detect early onset ailments even before a human is aware. Horses in the wild will travel up to 30 miles on hearing a certain piece of music, every vibration will signal to them if they are in danger, or if they are being called forward for food, communication, or safety.

Music is a key to understanding; we process music on the right side of the brain engaging with pattern recognition, imagination, colour, face recognition and daydreaming. This is why music therapy is so powerful for those suffering from a depletion on the left side of the brain, often messages delivered through song can be understood, however, most likely the spoken word will not. 

A horse can support an individual to resonate and communicate with the music at the same time as re-training the left side of the brain of a human which is logic, numbers, language, and reasoning. The horse will pick up your energetic vibration and help to restore any depletion by making the experience of riding with music or listening to music enjoyable, relaxing and fun.

Music Therapy With Horses

Horses symbolise the wind, devotion, unconditional love, loyalty, friendship, and compassion. A warrior spirit giving safety in your metaphysical and physical journey in this life. Surrounding yourself with horses awakens your inner power and bravery to get through anything in life.

A horse will assist you in regaining independence, strength, and spirit. Teaching you to ride in new directions to discover your own freedom and power. There are many forms of therapy to support the mental, physical and emotional stability within your body. A qualified equine trainer has the ability to assist you back to a good state of health along with confidence again in finding who you are.

Bio-Energy is based on an ancient Chinese form of healing which taps into the body’s energy system, known as the chakra system; there are 7 main chakras. Each one nourishes a particular physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of the person or animal. Bio-Energy Equine Coaching® for horses is a powerful way of assisting the horse in overcoming physical injuries and mental blocks that have appeared over time. A very calm, loving, gentle form of healing for the horse that becomes brighter and pain-free after a therapy session.

A qualified Bio-Energy Equine Coach® that specialises in equine has the knowledge and ability to regain your horse’s energy and your own connection again, with only a requirement of four Bio-Energy Equine Coaching® sessions. This is all that is needed for the horse’s energy field to be clear again, assisting any ailment to heal in its own time. Horses are very sensitive to this form of therapy, reacting immediately and effectively to feeling clear and energised.

When you focus on the horse to give you the courage to stride forward and overcome any challenges in life. A horse will help you build a strong community of like-minded people around you, supporting you in a loving and healing way.

Join one of our workshops around the world to discover the power of music and the healing benefits it has on your horse and yourself. For further details please follow the link to Sunshine School Of Holistic Health

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Author Isabella Rose

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