How Our History Became Our Music

Published articles by Isabella Rose

Connecting the East and West from China, the Silk Route or The Silk Road, was an ancient network of trade routes, expanding further to the Mediterranean Sea. The Silk route developed as a lucrative trade of Chinese silk, dating back to the Han dynasty (207BCE-220CE), expanding further into central Asian sectors of the trade route from exploring and fact finding missions of other trades within the Asian market.

The great wall of China was expanded as the Silk route blossomed, the Chinese culture took great pride and value in keeping their products in safe hands behind the wall, this was to protect their political influence of negotiation and trading with other continents.

Experience the old gypsy route from India to the lost world of Persia. Read more and listen to the history behind our music.

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The Heritage of the Romani People

Django Reinhardt, born in 1910, a Belgian-born French composer and guitarist, has scripted many songs dating back to the heritage of the Romani people. Encompassing gypsy jazz, gypsy swing, bebop and Romani music. Django is considered within the French Gypsy culture one of the greatest guitar players of his era. Romani music covers many genres with a distinctive theme based on folk music, inspired by the Romani people culture experience through settling or passing through many countries. Andalusia in Spain thrives with the Spanish flamenco to which this music is played by the Romani people of Spain.

Enjoy the music behind Flamenco, a style of music whose roots lie in the gypsy caravans of India and that were developed in the Arab and Spanish Andalusia.

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The First Wireless Broadcast

On Christmas Eve in 1906, the very first radio broadcast for entertainment and music was transmitted from Massachusetts, USA. A milestone for Canadian-born “Reginald Aubrey Fessenden” a well respected and known pioneer in radio communications. This prolific inventor who was an intelligent force in building the technology for the very first wireless system of transmission and reception. In 1921, “Reginald Aubrey Fessenden” was awarded the Medal of Honor of the Institute of Radio Engineers. An honorary plaque is positioned at Brant Rock in memory of this life changing moment in history. With today’s technology, we are so lucky to have the resources to write music, share music and go back in time to remind ourselves the old gypsy route that inspired our culture behind the music.

By Isabella Rose