Let’s Work Together To Support Off The Streets #otslondon

“We provide much-needed essentials for the fur-babies & homeless owners living on the streets of London! we’re a nonprofit voluntary run community organisation.” – Off The Streets

We are living in a world where homelessness is happening all the time. Families are finding themselves in times of despair. Children, animals, woman, and men who simply have had troubled times with nowhere to go but the streets. It takes courage to sit all day and ask for help. The feeling of guilt, unworthiness comes over you and surprisingly how many people are terribly rude and violent to somebody in need. Each time you see somebody who is homeless on the street, find the strength to go up to him or her and hear their story you may be surprised. They may teach you something you have never learned before. They may offer you a hand to lift you high in the belief that you are walking in the light, find the strength to go up to him or her and hear their story you may be surprised.

Off the Streets are a non-profit organisation supported by volunteers and the love of animals. Each day I am humbled to watch the loving words, support and dedication this team show in holding their hand out to others in need. We would like to reach out to those who are in the position to help by donating sleep bags, clothing, food and sending it forward to Michelle. When angels walk this earth guiding the light for all to see, how blessed are we all to have Off The Streets organisation helping and loving so many. Off the Streets need your help; by working together we can make this world a happier and stronger place to live.

About Off The Streets

We are everyday people who feel strongly about helping men and women, and their dogs, living on the streets of London. We assist with everything from providing food, drink and items of clothing, to getting medical assistance and helping with job applications. We hold regular soup kitchens, which are entirely funded by ourselves and supporters who donate to us. The more support we get, the more we can do to help.

Street Dogs Lives Matter

Many dogs are homeless along with their owners. These are beloved pets whom the homeless owners need to keep with them. We assist in providing food, treats, collars and leads, coats, and more, along with medical assistance like worming tablets, flea treatments, nail clipping, and help with seeing a veterinarian when necessary.

Breakfast In A Bag

We provide a nourishing breakfast in a bag for the homeless living on the streets of London. Help us provide more by sponsoring a bag for as little as £3. The difference waking up to a breakfast makes cannot be underestimated, and makes a real difference to the people enduring life on the streets.

Please donate to:
Off The Street London, Big And Red Storage Ltd, Unit 5, Martinbridge Industrial Estate, 240-242 Lincoln Road, Enfield, Middx, EN1 1SP, United Kingdom.
Tel: 079854545254

t: http://www.twitter.com/otslondon

e. http://offthestreetslondon@gmail.com


Thank you for your support and hope that this wonderful non-profit organisation will receive the help that is needed.

By Isabella Rose
Founder of the Gift Of Love Project