Transition Through The Menopause

Many women are sailing through the menopause after finding their sense of purpose, as we are now a nation of openness to share and speak of our experience, our transition through the menopause can welcome joy and freedom knowing you have experience and confidence on your side. We are all unique and special in our mind, bodies, and spirit so each individual will have a different outlook on the menopause and the purpose and role it plays in their life. What may be a loss to one woman will become a gain to another; your attitude towards this change can make a significant impact. 

Balancing The High Notes

When I think about balance, I listen to a piece of music and calm my emotions by how the high notes compliment and integrate with the low. Just like our energy system the high notes correspond to the higher chakras, the low notes resonate with the lower chakras. Mastering the art of balance in one’s life takes dedication and appreciation that everything has an equal vibration; a polar equation to exist. Imagine yourself floating in space, as you close your eyes and allow your mind to just pause for a moment, the effect of lightness, peace, and serenity will wash over you.