Driven By The Forces Of Love

Our world comes into being when we drive the forces of love; we cannot live without it. The law of attraction gives you the free will to love and be lovedthe ability to act at one’s own discretion, the self-determination to choose how to feel, how to act and how to think.

Finding the balance in love

Finding the balance in love when our culture can be seen to be obsessed with power requires you to step out of any fear-based energy from our thoughts or the thoughts of others and drive your intention to love and be loved.

Our hearts are easily diminished, damaged and wounded both in spirit and soul. Both our mind and bodies are affected, leaving an impact and blueprint on the very core of self. Love is so simple but at times elusive; our literature abounds the very essence of love and loss. Not a single thing is quite so uplifting as the flowering of love, but desolation as its loss.

We all know what deep pain we feel when we fall out of love with the world, the glue of our universe becomes fragile, separation becomes apparent between men and woman, woman and woman, men and men. If we maintain this disconnection our very act of relating slips away on an ocean wave, a piercing to the core of our earth and being, our understanding and compassion for the tragedies around the world.

Anchor the myth of Individualism

When we consciously connect the severed parts of the self, the world around us and nature letting go and releasing the myth of individualism. By anchoring the force of oneness, grounding of self, and reuniting your body and mind, you are actively achieving a mystical and wholeness of true love within your heart.

Love expands our horizons, through our wants, needs and self-acceptance, devotion, compassion, and balance. By being a friend to yourself and loving who you are in this very moment; In real love you want the other person’s good.

Healing the heart chakra

Patience, regularity, skill and training are the essence that heals love. We all cry for the unconditional feeling of true love from our universe. In order to love and experience a soulful love, you must start to honour the individuality and the subtle relationship within ourselves. As we integrate this love with others, nature, and animals, our capacity for understanding is enhanced. This will open up the attraction for another to meet us in the space of peaceful, empathetic and compassionate living.

Healing practices to support you

Many people have difficulty in balancing autonomy and intimacy within any relations. Fixing your boundaries around the heart chakra will allow you to release old wounds, traumas and unrequited love allowing you to reach out and take in pure and healing aspects of love.

  1. Journaling, self-discovery, and workshops
  2. Grief and emotional release practices and counselling
  3. Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises
  4. Voluntary work and support for those in need
  5. Massage, beauty and healthy eating
  6. lite BioEnergy Coaching, Reiki, and Acupuncture
  7. Self-help books, articles, and communities
  8. Travel and exploration
  9. lite BioEquine Coaching, Animal therapy
  10. Music therapy, creative arts
  11. Cooking, gardening and flower therapy
  12. Crystal healing and angel therapy

As a qualified practitioner and trainer, my experience and training has given help to individuals and animals release any traumas, abuse, grief, and understand self-love. So that I am able to reach out to as many people as possible around the world I have put all my training and healing practices into my new 21-day training book on Discovering Your Authentic Self.

Only you can understand true love for yourself so embrace it, feel it, and never forget it.

Author Isabella Rose
Publication Discovering Your Authentic Self
©2019 Copyright Isabella Rose