Power, Totem & Spirit Animal Readings

Book your spirit animal reading with Isabella Rose and learn how to connect with your spirit animal by learning how to integrate their guidance and wisdom on a daily basis.

Have you yearned to change your life in positive ways you can not imagine? Finding your spirit animal will evoke an energy that resides inside each and everyone of us. When you work alongside the 'Medicine' or 'Energy' of your spirit animal this will enhance you on a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional level.

Great healing occurs when you find your spirit animal, by opening up your mindset and activating your sixth sense you begin to build a strong and everlasting relationship together. Some recall having a spiritual awakening when they discovered their power animal, other's felt they had always been connected to a source but did not have the training to truly use this powerful energy to assist them in day-day living. If you wish to change your relationships, careers, health and increase your intuition your power animal can guide you from the dark into the light on a daily basis.

Activating all six senses allows you to look beyond the world that we perceive is just in front of us, this does not happen overnight it is a enjoyable experience of discovering who you are in the moment, acknowledging how important animals are in our daily life and how we can discover our true authentic self by calling on their energy and opening our heart to their voice. In native traditions a true Shaman will enter into a unconscious state of awareness and travel back in time be it this life or a previous life to repair and restore any fragmented parts of you to bring back and restore you to wholeness. Very few people have met a true Shaman that has been trusted this gift from the animal kingdom to pay forward to others.

If you want immediate answers to your life purpose, let me help you discover your spirit animal by using the 'Messengers Of The Great Spirit' oracle cards and I will give you specific answers to your questions about different aspects of your life. As I meditate and go on a vision quest to connect deep with your animal spirit, I will bring forward your guardian animal who has been with you and looked over you all your life. Together we will call on your spirit animal to guide you over the next 12-months so you can move forward to a stronger and healthier way of living. We will show you the potential that resides in you, along with how to overcome obstacles and connect daily to receive your own unique messages. Throughout the reading I will receive guidance from the angelic realm and spirit world to lift your vibration and expand your mindset to truly live a life full of love.

Thank you for your kind words....

"I have never been guided in this way before, the 12-month reading was 100% accurate and now I not only feel animals on a deeper level I see them in my dreams. Thank you so much Isabella, you changed my life for the better." - Malcolm, Queensland, Australia

"As a vet I get to work with animals all day and I always wanted to know what happens when they pass away, Isabella was able to help me overcome the grief I experience and support my clients by showing them they are still connected, the most amazing experience of my life attending the animal spirit workshop." - Julie, Sedona, Arizona



Isabella Rose is a qualified trainer and teacher within several forms of alternative therapy; a leading authority on therapeutic issues, emotional and physical study of the integration of the chakra system within equine therapy. Working and attending to individuals needs, Isabella has over ten years working in holistic practices worldwide, non-profit organisations, and equine healing centres. Having trained with worldwide renowned healers, shamans, and animal trainers within native surroundings to teach many on how to create a healthy and natural space to live in and develop their own intuition and energy system to live a happy and fulfilled life.