Power Animals

Power animals have come into our awareness through the practice of Shamanic traditions, whose beliefs are that everything is connected and alive. As many individuals believe and have witnessed that a power animal represent each person’s quality of character, their inner self, wisdom, power, and interconnection to all life. This deck of 44 meditation cards by Isabella Rose will help you experience a deeper connection and receive these loving messages from the animal world! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced reader, the enclosed comes with an easy-to-follow guidebook provides instructions that assist you immediately in giving accurate readings to yourself and others.

Awareness Within Intuitive

Life unfolds in mysterious ways when you become aware of the strength and power you have deep inside your heart. Every day we are evolving as souls looking deeper into the meaning of life, and finding ways to live a life that serves a purpose. All we have is this moment, not yesterday or tomorrow, just the moment we are breathing. Living in the Now creates a sense of awareness that life will change and flow, the secret is to become aware of the birds singing in the tree, the flowers blooming as the season’s change, the stranger that walks past your door every day. Who knows when your path will cross over, what door will open for you or the miracle of something wondrous occurring when you least expect it.