Balancing The High Notes With The Low

When I think about balance, I listen to a piece of music and calm my emotions by how the high notes compliment and integrate with the low. Just like our energy system the high notes correspond to the higher chakras, the low notes resonate with the lower chakras. Mastering the art of balance in one’s life takes dedication and appreciation that everything has an equal vibration; a polar equation to exist.

Imagine yourself floating in space, as you close your eyes and allow your mind to just pause for a moment, the effect of lightness, peace, and serenity will wash over you. As you let your thoughts, worries, or expectations drift away the higher notes within your body will become relaxed and let go of any fear that you are holding onto. Your body is weightless in this moment, your muscles are relaxed, your heart is beating in sync with the flow of energy moving up and down your body.

Finding that higher note each time you feel out of balance in the mind can be reached by taking a few moments of the day to just be, do nothing else except give yourself a moment to balance before you start your day. Around the world many people are seeking that balance, sourcing the answers to their complicated lives, only through the rise and fall of the energy in and around the body will you become aware of your own ability to balance your higher notes and play a harmonic melody.

Further, on down the scale, the low notes will make you feel closer to the earth, imagine yourself walking through a field full of beautiful flowers and trees with a warm glow radiating down from the sun. As you allow your body to feel safe, strong and protected all your fears relating to money, family, health and work simply disappear as you know that no matter what happens in your life, you always have the opportunity to sew some new seeds and watch them grow. Without the lower notes maintaining a natural and consistent rhythm, our movement will be rigid, stuck and out of alignment.

Take away your concept of time, find the right piece of music that gives you a sense of purpose and shows you the harmonic pattern of acceptance and love.  We all forget to notice the frequency around us, the vibrational cross over when something is about to occur, every single thing we do and see has an opposite. If your life feels that the notes are too low and heavy, find the match with a higher note. The opposite needs to occur if your mind is racing and your notes are too high and jumping, find the match with a lower note. This takes time, be patient, compassionate and thoughtful to yourself and others whilst you balance each note according to the moment you find yourself in.

You are creating a new piece of music one that will swing and sway through the trees, and mountains until it reaches the stars.

By Isabella Rose