Believing In Your Intention

Imagine your whole life changing overnight, with one flick of a switch the intention you set to fulfill your Dharma comes true, which way do you go when it finally arrives. Over the years I have worked with over 5000 individuals and 50 businesses regarding setting intention, creativity, dreams and turning their dreams into a commodity. Very few people master intention, if you are surrounded by naysayers or those who gain your trust to destroy your vision, then it is very easy to come off track and feel victimised or wounded from the inside. However, when you are surrounded by positive and like-minded individuals their intention will align with yours of wanting to see somebody they believe in making it in this world.

When you care about the way you feel, then you are able to manifest what you desire, even if the feeling is uncomfortable at first, by caring more about your feelings over and above the manifestation, the source within you can direct your intention to receive. If you see a person living a life you want to live, and you believe that they are holding something special that you can’t reach, that emotion is setting your vibration off track. If you have allowed yourself to feel overwhelmed and start measuring your own life against another and start to become a gossip or negative vibration through jealousy, every time you do that you are destroying your inner light.

Find your place of clarity and readdress your situation, put your current intention on that vibrational alignment on what and who you truly are today. It is easier than we think, there is so much leverage with energy when you truly understand energy power resides in you and intention will follow. The truth relates to “Intention”, being a sincere and authentic being will assist your intention to flow in the right direction of a thought to manifest into a reality. Law of attraction is responding whether you are aware or not, the allowing of energy and your conscious mind, thoughts, and actions will support you to relax, allow and align yourself with life and what you are asking for.

Talk to friends and mentors on what you want, and then express why you want it and take the journey of least resistant, going down spirally with your energy creates the manifestation process. Trying to spiral upwards will only cause confusion with questions like “How will I get this?” or “When will this happen?” this is a negative vibrational alignment. Start with small steps, start to pivot your thoughts and energy towards what you have in this moment, appreciate this with gratitude and look forward with an open mindset and then as you start living it with intention and put effort and action into your energy, your own power will be created.

When you start noticing how you feel then you will see whether or not your intention is hitting its target, if you have one moment of doubt or are carrying another person to help complete their dream, most likely it will not complete as your alignment is out of sync with your own source. You can never direct another person’s energy, you can only support with loving thoughts from a distance. If you are experiencing difficulties in partnerships either in business, friendships, or relationships and your feeling of connection has gone, that’s ok you are just aligning back to your own energy flow. The quicker you can let go and move forward, the feeling and power of your intention will generate new happiness back into your life. This feeling will come again and again with great strength the more positive feelings you have, the end result will leave you feeling invisible, powerful, and free.

It is all about alignment of our meridian lines throughout the body which inspires your feelings to set your intention to complete what you feel your energy is directing you to do. Flow with it, believe in it, let go and see the energy moving up and down your body without any effort. Once you master intention everything you have ever wanted or dreamed of will come to you along with the sense and feeling of wellbeing.

Author – Isabella Rose