Freedom is the pursuit of happiness, the joy of being an individual, the respect one has for their own spiritual beliefs. If you stopped for just one minute and silently asked yourself “Am I free” you may be surprised what comes to the surface. Many spiritual disciplines, religions, and relationships advise us to give up the self (sometimes referred to as wholeness), you may have been asked to surrender all to a guru, master, or your own concept of God to have freedom and happiness in your life.

Some days you may feel that the people and the world around you are dense, your freedom is restricted and your happiness seems out of reach. To master the balance of freedom without loosing ourselves is an act of acceptance of your own individuality. There is no “We” without the “I” you may have heard this several times over! In my own thoughts and experience, if we let go of our freedom to be oneself we are pushing away a force far greater than our existence and that is unity and unconditional love for life.

Throughout our life we form boundaries some good and some bad, we attach to people, places, drama, ill-health, stacking up higher and higher until we start to topple over and feel trapped beyond the freedom to escape. Taking the chance and jumping into the unknown takes an awful lot of courage to let go of the rational mode of thinking and look at the larger concept of what freedom can give. Our mind creates boundaries that keep us separate from the connection to our true beliefs; to manifest freedom we have to release the concepts we have formed through our childhood and early adulthood. There is no book on life that will give you a step by step guide on being free and happy, however, you have the power to turn your thoughts into inspirational creations just by releasing the need and the power to always be right.

Recently I had to muster all my strength to not let my “Ego” step in and drop down and feel my sense of freedom taken away from me. Having expanded my business into gardening to develop a program for Dementia, I decided to build the Garden Of Love in small steps and learn the process from the start in building a qualified team of therapists to work in the gardens and help others. Whilst working in a commercial environment, each day I would watch and feel how people approached me. Some would smile and say hello, others would step over me as if I was invisible and many were rude and dismissive of the job I was doing. Now my ego at times wanted to stand up and express who I was, but then I stopped and detached that thought in the mind and instead allowed my energy to guide my thoughts to the freedom and pursuit of happiness this project is going to give to others.

Having never been in this position before I was stepping into the unknown, my role was to complete the job that was asked of me and that is how the company looked at me, they only identified me as a gardener and the hat that I was wearing in that moment. This is not a judgment on them, but an awareness of how people lack the freedom to expand, be thoughtful, respectful and grateful to another human being. Freedom is a choice, when you express your sincerity and gratitude for this experience you will feel free knowing all that you are is enough.

It is the simplest thing in the world to feel free, try it for one moment even if it is only in the mind, express what you would like to do with your life, where you would like to be, and find the courage to step into the unknown and set your spirit free.

By Isabella Rose


All information provided is classed as Alternative therapy, if you feel you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned, please seek medical advice from a qualified Doctor or Practioner.