Sunshine Film Productions

Sunshine Film Productions supports and offers the opportunity for movie makers, screenwriters and music artists to support their ambition and turn it into meaning. We believe there are many story lines that need a platform and voice to become something much more than a movie. Many films that receive a great audience response at small film festivals very rarely are spoken about or heard again. Here at Sunshine Film Productions, we want to help change that and make our services affordable and supportive for anybody who wishes to follow their passion and dream.

Crowdfunding is a lucrative mechanism for entrepreneurs and startups to generate the capital and have a strong validation of their production which is necessary for bringing their offerings to the market. Each day more and more businesses are turning towards this model for financing their projects and marketing their new enterprise. With this there has been a rise in video campaigns, these short videos are created to attract the right market, find out public opinion and also show the ethos, ambition, history of the film and business model to take it to the screen. The value of having such a unique campaign video will make a difference in the capital generated, pre-production choices and fundraising success.

If your video has a high budget you are most likely to gain recognition and exceed your fundraising goals. Our production team use only high-end equipment, knowledge and expertise to create a unique and powerful campaign video. The investment you make in your campaign video will be the one that sets you apart from many other filmmakers also pitching at the film festivals and studios.

We are a community of artists that wish to collaborate with you from screenwriting, storyboarding, pre-production, video editing, lighting, sound, music scoring, production, to shooting the film. Sunshine Film Productions opens up your intuition and allows you to be and believe in your vision, sharing fresh new ideas, creating a new reality of conscious and kind people living in harmony through the power of film. We have developed a strong production plan that meets all your needs to ensure your content is strong and you have a solid foundation.

If you would like to discuss your project in more detail, we would welcome the opportunity to work through your budget and plan. Please email us at

Happy filming,

Tom Jackson
Sunshine Film Productions