Imagine if you discovered a secret garden hidden away in the depths of time, the inner secrets of Mother Nature, with the wise and ancient plants that our ancestors used to create a veritable medicinal cabinet form the plants grown in your garden. As human beings, we have always had a knowing and belief that plants and ancient healing techniques actually work and truly make a difference in one’s life.

Receiving the benefit of the five elements, by embarking on a journey to discover a vibrant collaboration and dimensions of your own self. The Sunshine School Of Holistic Health will take you through a transformation by lifting your energetic vibration to a place of peace, tranquility, and relaxation. Herbs provide us with wisdom, they give you natural healing products and spiritual awakening from the vibrant smell, taste, look, sound, and feeling they provide.

When all of our senses are activated, we discover a true connection to our own source, a trust in nature and a deeper understanding of what truly happens when you surround yourself with pure divine beauty. Since I started training and discovering the emotional, physical, and spiritual self, I have always dreamt of creating a holistic training school so that many people can learn how to assist their own life and others by feeling vibrant every day regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. We are living in a world of self-discovery again, seeking answers, finding truths that only relate to you as an individual.

We are all unique and vibrate on our own frequency, our trainers and school will help you achieve and receive the benefits of natural medicines aligning your energy field and transforming your health for a brighter and stronger future. It is my intention for you to unveil the spiritual side of our gardens, connect to the flowers that we pass by every day, to have fun, and have your own direct healing experience that will manifest divine beauty and wisdom deep within your garden of love.

May you gain wisdom and healing from the Sunshine School Of Holistic Therapy,

Love, Sunshine Team

Our Restorative Transformation Retreats

Educate The Mind

Build your mental power and connect with your subconscious. Add knowledge to your existing practice by undertaking various workshops and diplomas within holistic therapy.


Transform Your Body

Discover your own body and its potential by embarking on our signature 3-week residential program that provides holistic practices that are fundamental to restoring your lotus.

Restore Your Spirit

Awaken your spirituality with music, yoga, reiki and salt therapy. Develop your own faith and understanding by opening your third eye to gain clarity, intuition, and guidance.

Training & Development

You will enjoy a variety of courses and diplomas to learn through our education program, our retreat centres offer an in-depth relaxation program to encompass your every need. By the end of the course you would have made new friends, have the skills to use your training for your own holistic practice, or set up a new practice. We offer a support network of trainers and mentors so you can grow over the coming years. Our mission is to share the wisdom we have been taught, and pass this forward so together we can create a place of love and healing.

 Courses Available

♦ Introduction To Bio-Energy Therapy                        

♦ Intermediate Level Bio-Energy Therapy

♦ Advanced Practitioner Diploma Bio-Energy Therapy

♦ Introduction To Equine Bio-Energy Therapy

♦ Introduction To Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

♦ Introduction To Herbalism & Natural Remedies

♦ Introduction To Nutritional Medicine

♦ Animal Spirit Workshop

♦ Introduction To Flower Essence & Flower Therapy

♦ Self Hypnosis & Manifesting Abundance Workshop

♦ Introduction To Past Life Regression

♦ Creative Writing / Journalling

♦ Introduction To Crystal Therapy

♦ 28-day Awareness Within Life Coaching Program

♦ Introduction To Superfoods & Healthy Juicing

♦ Introduction To Reflexology

♦ Introduction To Mediumship

♦ The Art Of Organic Living Workshop



Relaxation Centre

We all need to allow the mind, body, and spirit to expand and release toxins and blocked energy in and around our body. Within our training centres we have created a variety of therapies to compliment your training. Imagine closing your eyes and feeling all of your chakras opening one by one, being cleansed, rejuvenated and restored. Each of our therapies offered have been chosen to detox your mind, give life back to your body, and tap into your spiritual self to develop your sixth sense.

 Therapy Available

♦ Himalayan Salt Therapy                     

♦ Oxygen Therapy

♦ Dead Sea Salt Mineral Pools

♦ Therapeutic Spa

♦ Dance Therapy

♦ Music & Sound Therapy

♦ Yoga

♦ Meditation

♦ Massage

♦ Reflexology

♦ Accupunture

♦ Aromatherapy, Homeopathy & Herbs

♦ Indian Head Massage

♦ Sacred drumming & inner peace work

♦ Oxygen Bar

♦ Juice Bar

♦ Healthy cooking classes

♦ Detox & restorative methods for balancing your mind