What Are Superfoods?

Foods that are rich and contain the right nutrients may help lift our spirits and maintain a healthy cognitive system. By regulating your intake with the right ingredients from a well-established supplier and grower will help regulate your mood giving you a bright and healthy complex.

If one takes sugary refined food on a regular basis this can upset the blood glucose levels, which creates highs and lows in the energetic flow of your internal energy system. When we replace our food to include slow release sugars like coconut palm sugar; banana powder, agave or vakon this will release sugar slowly into the blood to support a balanced mood.

How do Superfoods support our internal system?

Our nervous system is one of the most important features to our living, getting key vitamins to maintain a healthy nervous system is crucial. Magnesium and B vitamins that are found in hemp along with many other superfoods will lift up your mood creating happy cells to be released.

Juices and healing qualities?

A healthy and balanced way to start your day is with a supportive juice or smoothie blend with fresh vegetables, fruits and a spoonful of coconut palm sugar. Replacing sugar and using coconut palm sugar creates a rich flavour, acts as a low-glycaemic sweetener adding a sweet caramel taste to your Juice. Coconut palm sugar can be directly substituted for cane sugar in any recipe.

By Isabella Rose

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All information provided is classed as Alternative therapy, if you feel you are suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned, please seek medical advice from a qualified Doctor or Practioner.