The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

One of the strongest vibrational frequencies you can encounter is the spirit of adventure and excitement. When we are curious or have a desire to take a risk and return to a state of child-like wonder, with such a vibration you begin to experience interesting results. You have, inside yourself, a great power. A power so strong which when understood and utilized correctly will allow you to do whatever you want with your life; This power is none other than your subconscious mind.

Your attitude is the most important quality if you want to attract; love, success, money, health and relationships. We must change the direction of our thoughts, with constant practice over time. Remind yourself a belief is only a thought repeated over and over again. Having a positive and open attitude without judgment about yourself or another, having faith and hope will give you a higher perspective on things but it is of the utmost importance to approach this process with the correct “Mindset”

As an intelligent entity with a wonderful memory, the subconscious is the storehouse of everything you see, hear, read and feel not only now in this moment, but also since childhood. Once you can master it, and control it in a general way, you are ready and capable of improving your life.

Our subconscious mind is life a flower coming into bloom and responds to orders it is given, food it is given, love and appreciation. If you understand the correct way to control it, the subconscious will take the initiative if you tell it and direct it forward. If you want to change something in your life, you must practice and know exactly the direction you are going, you must determine the specific change you wish to make, then give the order to your subconscious mind to act on it.

The main goal is to plant the desired idea in the mind. When you have an idea residing in the mind it will become a reality if you use repetition, then allow your subconscious to do the rest. Is there a secret code one may ask in turning your thoughts into reality? “No” the key is to reunite imagination with willpower. Your imagination will always win over will power, imagination is always stronger when you match will power with strength and both are in agreement, they become one, increasing the power behind the thought.

The Law Of Attraction works in miraculous ways; by following these simple steps you will unfold the potential of the subconscious.

Acknowledge and express gratitude

When you acknowledge and express gratitude for what you already have, gratitude is a very strong and positive energy and emotion. Find gratitude for everything life has already given you.


Acting and being sincere in your thankfulness, if you honestly do not feel grateful, and you fail to acknowledge even the smallest good you already possess, the positive emotion will not follow through as your vibration will not match or align with the universal power of sincerity towards yourself and others. People know when you are not being sincere, they see it, smell it and feel it on all levels. If you do not recognize those vibrations yourself then you are in need of clarity to understand what sincerity truly means.

Focus Your Attention

Focus on what you have rather than on what you do not have- always keep this in mind, if your thoughts are focused on lack you will attract more of hardship. When you bring your focus on saying “Yes” to every experience, person, emotion and thought then you are allowing your mind to acknowledge what it is that makes you happy.

Every relationship in your day to day living will contribute and strengthen your overall vibration. This will include each and every way you view all aspects of your life; your work, your finances, your family, your home and your health.

If you are simultaneously vibrating and not contracting your mind, the frequencies release that feeling of being “stuck”, deleting the vibration of that negative thought and replacing it with a higher frequency of freedom, wisdom, and sincerity but most importantly having gratitude in your heart.

Be thankful for everything and everyone, allow your spirit to take you on an adventure, one where love resides.

By Isabella Rose